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Meet Karta, the Metaverse studio making brands playable
As part of our quick founder questions series - or QFQs - we spoke to Erik Londre, CEO & Founder of Karta about the Metaverse, gaming, and doing work that makes you proud.
Portfolio by " Erik Londre
Erik Londre
Meet Hotbed, where ambitious startups go to grow
As part of our quick founder questions series - or QFQs - we spoke to Perdie Alder and Margaret Anne Coyle, Co-founders of Hotbed, about access to resources and networks, funding and the Hotbed programmes.
Portfolio by " Perdie Alder & Margaret Coyle
Perdie Alder and Margaret Coyle
The innovation ceiling: Breaking through barriers to diverse talent and potential
Despite being worth over $1T, having more unicorns than Europe and employing over 2M people, the hard truth of UK tech is the innovation ceiling. We’ve arguably created the most rivalled ecosystem on this side of the Atlantic, but the underutilisation of our resources means there is a real risk of losing that status.
Opinion by " Emma Obanye
Emma Obanye
Exploring Gen Z trends shaping European bus tours and travel approaches
In today's rapidly evolving world, the landscape of travel and tourism is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by the unique preferences and expectations of Generation Z.
Opinion by " Dmytro Yaremkovych
Dmytro Yaremkovych
Great design is now table stakes; where does branding go next?
A well-designed brand identity is no longer a nice to have, but a fundamental for any new business. Every entrepreneur knows that while product matters, design sells.
Opinion by " Alex Center
Alex Center
The strongest link: Innovate UK hosts exclusive Fintech Matchmaking event
Innovate UK AI for Services, in partnership with Scale X, is hosting an exclusive Fintech Matchmaking event on Friday 14 June as part of London Tech Week.
News by " Paul Ferretti
Fintech Matchmaking
The importance of stakeholder collaboration in bolstering corporate sustainability
As the world grapples with the adverse impacts of climate change, businesses are increasingly finding themselves under scrutiny for their environmental and social sustainability.
Opinion by " Clare Galland
Clare Galland
Rebuilding bridges: François Bitouzet, VivaTech, and the British pavilion
Ahead of Viva Technology 2024, organised from the 22nd to the 25th of May in Paris, Paul Ferretti spoke to Francois Bitouzet, Managing Director of Viva Technology, about the British pavilion, European tech and the bridges between France and the UK.
News by " Paul Ferretti
The UK government must do way more for women and POC startups following the HNWI fiasco
The government's recent policy reversal around access to funding for women and persons of colour start-ups is good news. But it remains nothing short of shocking that we got there in the first place.
Opinion by " Freddie-Nicolle Brace
Freddie-Nicolle Brace
A virtuous cycle: Techspace's 2024 Scaleup Culture Report reveals a shift toward in-office workdays
Techspace, a leading provider of flexible workspace solutions for the technology ecosystem, today unveiled its annual Scaleup Culture Report, revealing insights into the evolving landscape of the UK tech industry.
News by " Paul Ferretti
Jonathan Bevan
Moving things your way, meet Porta Delivery
As part of our quick founder questions series – or QFQs – we spoke to Edward Spence, Founder of Porta Delivery, about moving your items without breaking the bank, finding customers and taking action.
Portfolio by " Edward Spence
Ed Spence
Why businesses cannot lose sight of CSRD in 2024
Covering a range of important factors such as environmental impact, social responsibility, human rights, and governance, the implementation of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) marks a significant step towards accounting for sustainability alongside financial reporting in the EU. 
Opinion by " Mauro Cozzi
Mauro Cozzi
Why startups should embrace the fractional CMO role
Every decision matters in the dynamic world of startups. From product development to customer acquisition, the right strategies can make or break a young company.
Opinion by " Svetlana Stotskaya
Svetlana Stotskaya
Maybe chill: Study reveals passionate entrepreneurs are experiencing a ‘downtime deficit’
A new national study has revealed entrepreneurs take the least holiday amongst Brits, averaging a mere five days per year.
News by " Paul Ferretti
Entrepreneur and time

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