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Today’s computers are transforming almost all forms of human behaviour. In particular artificial intelligence based on machine learning is helping us work more effectively, improve healthcare, live happier lives and take more care of our environment. A fundamental part of all these computing systems is the memory needed to store data. This memory stores the data we use to train our AI machines and the subsequent program the machines use to perform their increasingly intelligent tasks, and the need for it is increasing relentlessly. It is perhaps surprising, therefore, to realise that today we cannot store this data on the same silicon chip we use do the computation. Today’s non-volatile memory technologies cannot be integrated with the most advanced CMOS processes we use to build our best computers. This is causing an increasingly challenging memory bottleneck.Intrinsic is working to change this. We aim to deliver a non-volatile memory that can not only be easily integrated on the same chip that is doing the computation, but at memory that is faster, cheaper and lower energy than the Flash memory we use today.

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