Ooodles Group is a privately owned UK-based Fintech company offering SMEs and professionals in the UK a flexible and convenient Device-as-a-Service rental solution for tech hardware. Launched in the summer of 2021 by an experienced management team and seasoned investors, Ooodles’ fast-growing platform is FCA-regulated and compliant with commercial hire regulations. As a circular platform, Ooodles operates with a virtuous reuse-recycle loop that guarantees the longevity and recycling of each IT device, and it empowers businesses and professionals with cost-effective and fully serviced pay-as-you-go plans, revolutionising how you access technology. The Ooodles Fintech platform, initially launched with B2C rental for consumers and individual professionals, has organically expanded to a dedicated SME offering. The platform will extend its services vertically, adding AI technologies, and evolve from what it is today, while it also has plans to expand internationally.

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