From the early days of RSA to the first wave of zero-knowledge proof and globally distributed applications, our driving mission has been applying cryptography to solve industry’s biggest problems. We believe in the power of digital assets to revolutionise markets, opening prosperity for all. By applying our expertise in research-led technical innovation, we help the visionaries and pioneers accelerate the transition to a global capital market powered by digital assets.

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Raptor Ventures, Avalanche, HOF Capital, Kingsway Capital, Coinbase Ventures, GoldenTree Asset Management, Terra Money, AVA Labs & 10T Holdings

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Amnis Ventures, Artus, Borderless Capital, 3commas, Wintermute, Celsius, CMS Holdings, Connect.Capital, Deribit, G1, GSR, Gumi Cryptos, Kenetic, Kronos, Maven 11, 1kx, Quantstamp, Q-Stone Partners, Spartan Group, SVK Crypto, Tokentus, Yellow & Zhou Holdings