At Remedy Healthcare, our mission is to improve the quality of life of individuals following life changing injury. Through our experience within military, elite sport, NHS and private sector rehabilitation, we have created a rehabilitation model to enable optimal outcomes for our clients and a high quality of service for our referrers. ​ The Remedy Healthcare rehabilitation model specialises in the rehabilitation of complex, life-changing musculo-skeletal injuries, including limb loss. A single referral can be completed to access our highly skilled, Consultant-led, multi-disciplinary clinical team enabling early intervention, continuity of care through the recovery process and optimum functional outcomes. ​ Our services include early access to: - Multi-disciplinary assessment clinics (that make recommendations for ongoing rehabilitation and medical intervention in a single report), as well as - Residential rehabilitation and - Community based programmes. Our rehabilitation programmes are highly flexible and tailored to the individual. This allows for the correct intensity or ‘dosage’ of rehabilitation to be administered throughout the recovery pathway.’