Too many people ride bikes designed for someone else. At Spoon Customs we combine perfect fit, fabrication and finish, to create a better bike, designed for you and the riding you do. In 2015 I ran away to the mountains, to make a better bike. A bike that would climb all day, respond instantly and descend like nothing else. A bike so good you’d dream about it when you weren’t riding it; the kind of machine that would inspire you to ride more; going further and faster than you’ve been before. The first three years we spent riding, testing our ideas, whilst building a team that could deliver the standards of fit, fabrication, and finish that we knew we needed.Today, we build award-winning bikes one at a time, designed for the sort of riding you do. Designed using our own progressive geometry, fitted to match your physiology, fabricated by the world’s best craftspeople, and finished to standards that can’t be found in the mainstream. The mountains created the environment needed to test and develop our ideas. Today, they provide the inspiration for everything we do. The sense of freedom and adventure we feel in the mountains is built into every bike, product, and idea we have.

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