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Trojan Energy was formed in 2016 with one mission: to ensure everyone benefits from the energy transition.With total focus on enabling the switch to eMobility, we developed the Trojan Electric Vehicle Charging System. A system that finally offers an equal chance for EV drivers without a driveway to charge effectively at home, while eliminating residual clutter on the pavement. A system that doesn't require municipal authorities to zone off parking spaces and gives network operators the ability to manage power demand in real time. A system smart enough to offer a convenient way to charge that's green, cheap, immediate - or a combination of all three - at up to 22kW. A system that delivers flat and flush chargepoints in hubs of fifteen, or single units powered by the home, to leave the streetscape uncluttered for everyone. We want to give drivers the confidence and practicality they need to go electric.We're going to do our bit for the global effort to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality by supporting electrification and the transition to renewable energy. We’re doing this by addressing the lack of EV charging infrastructure within the urban environment.

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