TYPE OF EVENT Online conference
Date 15 July → 15 July
Place Online
Organiser Impact Coaching
Price FREE€

Techniques for driving sales and customer value on LinkedIn

10 Point LinkedIn Audit to optimize your profile for conversions (15min)

Understanding the different levels of LinkedIn Premium and how to use them (10 min)

Understanding Sales Funnels and the Customer Value Journey (15 min)

Techniques for driving awareness, engagement, and sales on LinkedIn (10 Min)

Content creation hacks to stay in front of your best prospects on LinkedIn (10 Min)

Resources that we will give to them as part of this:

10 Point LinkedIn Audit .pdf

Entrepreneur Center Resource Guide (Top 10 Resources we use in our business)

5 Minute Guide to Leveraging LinkedIn for Business

These trainings are done as part of The Entrepreneur Center at T-Werx Coworking. The Entrepreneur Center’s mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners develop the skills necessary to be successful in their companies. The EC trains these entrepreneurs on business skills, entrepreneurship, and specializes in Digital Marketing skills.

Class taught by:

Jeff Kikel is the CEO of T-Werx Coworking and the Founder of The Entrepreneur Center ( Jeff has over 30 years experience in Advertising, Marketing, Sales, and Finance. Jeff is a Certified by in Content Creation, Email Marketing, and Paid Advertising.