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Start a Side Hustle - Online

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Have you been sitting on an idea for a while but haven’t had time, money, or confidence to start it?

Are you curious about the world of startups, side-hustles, and freelance careers?

Wanting to branch out on your own and create something is a very common desire – yet so few of us act on it, because of our other commitments.

This evening online workshop will give you tools, tricks, and inspiration to set up your businesses whilst remaining in employment.

Who is this for?

  • The entrepreneurially frustrated: learn what small steps can enable you to explore that entrepreneurial itch alongside your current day to day.

  • Community lovers: build your network

  • Advice hunters: practical tips to help you start your side hustle

  • Doers: action-focused exercises to launch your business in an evening

You’ll get started on your business, right in the (virtual) room, surrounded and encouraged by your fellow attendees!

What can you expect?

Part 1 – Ideas: How do we form them? How do we choose which one to work on?

Part 2 – Building: How do we build the first version of an idea with minimal time and money?

Part 3 – Testing: How do we test the first version of an idea with minimal marketing channels?

Part 4 – Systems: How do we make it work with a full-time job?

What you’ll get:

  • An intensive & practical workshop

  • Tactics, tools and strategies to start your own side hustle

  • Tools and systems to make your startup life easier

  • Support building a financial strategy for your idea

  • Inspiring stories of people who have done it before

  • A jumpstart to propel you into the next phase of your life

  • A fun, inspiring evening of getting clear!

How does it work?

The workshop takes place online. You can join us via a computer, tablet or mobile device. Once you’ve reserved your place, we’ll send you full details of how to take part.

What is Escape The City?

We’re on a mission to help one million people to do work that matters to them and the world. Not just to find more fulfilling work but create it too. Online and offline we’ve seen first hand the incredible power in connecting likeminded, motivated, passionate people.

Whether it’s a small step or a brave leap, we’ve learned that amazing outcomes and inspiring change is best achieved together.

We want to wake people up to what work can really look like. To careers built on freedom, passion, autonomy, fulfilment, and purpose. To more connected and more meaningful lives. To 21st Century Careers, built on their terms, not someone else’s.

We’re doing it because we believe a million more people doing work that matters to them will change the world.

Your leader, Skye Robertson:

Skye Robertson, COO of Escape the City, has helped thousands of people escape their jobs and start new careers and businesses through Escape the City, where she’s built the Career Change and Startup Accelerator programmes to help people make the leap. Before joining Escape Skye ran national enterprise campaign Startup Britain and created campaigns to help thousands of people to start businesses through Centre for Entrepreneurs. Her superpowers include: helping people turn ideas into actual businesses, standing out from the crowd in the job market, and hacking online projects together in a very short amount of time.

The workshop is limited to 30 places. It begins at 7:00pm promptly, and will finish by 9:45pm. Secure your ticket now to get closer to launching your side hustle!

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