Don’t let the complexities of the startup world hold you back. Join us to learn how to apply The Kite Method™ and get your business flying.

By the end of this online event, you’ll know…

✦ Whether your customer offer is compelling for investors

✦ How viable your startup is for future growth

✦ Ways to create a sustainable advantage by leveraging your idea

✦ Strategies for gaining traction without relying on investment

✦ How to recruit a credible team that is set to scale

✦ The exact formula and tools you need to pitch successfully to investors

✦ How to adopt a winning business model for your idea

✦ The best method to accurately value your early-stage business


There’ll be plenty of time for Questions & Answers at the event, but you’ll also receive a BONUS tool that will help you identify the strong and weak points in your business.

Hosted in partnership with the British Library Business & IP Centre.


Ambitious early-stage entrepreneurs who are at seed stage and are looking to gain traction, build a team and raise investment.