Maybe chill: Study reveals passionate entrepreneurs are experiencing a ‘downtime deficit’
A new national study has revealed entrepreneurs take the least holiday amongst Brits, averaging a mere five days per year.
News by " Paul Ferretti
Entrepreneur and time
How to choose the right legal structure for your business
Choosing the right legal structure is a fundamental decision for any aspiring entrepreneur in the UK. It shapes how you run your business, manage finances, and interact with authorities.
Opinion by " John Carpenter
John Carpenter
Big Data, ML, Cloud, AI – for whom it really matters
In today's dynamic business landscape, the convergence of Big Data, Machine Learning (ML), Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has led to a new era of transformation.
Opinion by " Alex Karichensky
Alex Karichensky
How to make a business case for clocking off on time
The concept of working smarter, not harder is not new but thanks to recent research, we can now put a numerical value on it.
News by " Aoibhinn Mc Bride
Maddyness x Jobbio
How tech companies can repair brand trust amid mass layoffs
As LinkedIn recently announced plans to layoff more than 600 employees, our attention is again drawn to, what seems to be, a never-ending stream of layoffs within the tech industry.
Portfolio by " Mike Maynard
Mike Maynard
How to avoid common startup missteps to achieve success in business
As a cofounder of a business communication system, I know a fair bit about turning an idea into a profitable business. As daunting and overwhelming as it can be, seeing your business flourish as an entrepreneur is truly a dream come true.
Opinion by " Damian Hanson
The startup toolkit: How to build the tech stack of your dreams
French Chamber of GB launches 2021 awards to celebrate difficult year for business
The French Chamber of Great Britain has announced that the Franco-British Business Awards will return for its 22nd year. The awards will celebrate innovative companies of French and British companies alike across various areas, including community impact, Franco-British collaboration and net zero impacts. 
News by " Maddyness UK
Sustainable solutions encouraged across London businesses with The Mills Fabrica's new store
In a bid to encourage sustainable innovation and business solutions, The Mills Fabrica has opened a new concept store and work space in London’s King’s Cross this month.
News by " Maddyness UK
Sustainable solutions encouraged across London businesses with The Mills Fabrica's new store
LSE Generate: Building resilience will fast track your business' success
The past year saw life as we know it change in many aspects, from our personal lives through to our professional ones. And as COVID-19 caused the UK to plunge into the deepest recession on record, data from the Office of National Statistics also found that more than 900,000 small businesses in the UK are at risk of failing due to the pandemic.
Opinion by " LJ Silverman
LSE Generate: Resilience is the key to making your business thrive
Why is the UK so good at creating cutting-edge biotech firms?
Earlier this year, the Bioindustry Association reported that the UK’s biotech companies are on track for a record-breaking year of fundraising, with over £830M flowing into the sector by the end of February. Compared to this time last year, the UK’s biotechs have raised more than double the amount of venture capital for new companies.
Opinion by " Dr Anne Lane
Why is the UK so good at generating cutting-edge biotech firms?
Northern Affinity launches ‘My Northern Christmas’ campaign to support North’s bounce back
As Christmas parties moved online in 2020, the hospitality industry suffered huge losses. In order to help businesses bounce back, The Northern Affinity is bringing the profitable Christmas period to the summer.
News by " Abby Wallace
Northern Affinity Launches ‘My Northern Christmas’ Campaign to Support North’s Bounce Back
Closing the North/South divide takes more than good intentions
The North/South divide is never far from the political and economic agenda. Levelling up, the Northern Powerhouse, infrastructure spending, big bang investments: these are just a few of the ways it’s been talked about this year.
Opinion by " Michael Edwards
Closing the North/South divide takes more than good intentions
Gen Z launched 56,000 new companies over the past 12 months
Generation Z are the first to be brought up surrounded by modern technology. Now, they’ve taken that native approach to tech and embraced the world of business during the pandemic.
News by " Maddyness UK
Gen Z launched 56,000 new companies over the past 12 months
What does a post-COVID business look like?
According to reports from small business support services, we will see record numbers of new startups in 2021. But as we enter a post-COVID-19 era, how will these new businesses differ from startups that launched two years ago?
Decoding by " David Howell
startups post COVID

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