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AI talent and Life expectancy: An interview with Benyamin Deldar and David Hanbury
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Investing in the Future: An interview with Rachel Delacour
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Giving legs to your ideas : An interview with Praveen Karadiguddi
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Being comfortable outside of your comfort zone: An interview with Simon Haighton-Williams
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Ditching “carbon offsetting” for contribution models: An interview with Rupert Staines and Gavin Sheppard
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SURI or the Elegant Revolution: An interview with Mark Rushmore and Gyve Safavi
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Power in diversity: An interview with Bo Ilsoe
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Net zero at zero cost: An interview with Michelle You
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Propelling satellites and ourselves: An interview with Tom O’Sullivan
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AI made better : An exclusive interview with Chandini Jain, Founder and CEO of Auquan
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Dismantling vestiges of the industrial age: an interview with Tariq Rauf, founder of Qatalog
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Youth unemployment: the pandemic has knocked young workers’ confidence in the job market
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The app keeping people safe in the streets: Maddyness speaks to Safe Places
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Marcel Gauchet talks about democracy and social media
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Space exploration is the best investment for life on earth and beyond