Meet RideTandem: the startup tackling UK transport poverty
As part of our quick fire questions series – or QFQs – we spoke to Tatseng Chiam, cofounder of RideTandem, about UK transport poverty and the need to connect people to opportunities sustainable transport options.
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Why ultra-light urban vehicles like Luvly offer the only viable future for electric cars
Electric cars are getting smaller – a lot smaller. Although the majority of U.S. cars now sold (namely SUVs and pickups) are reportedly the same size as WW2 tanks, a legion of light, sustainable vehicle manufacturers are helping accelerate the great downsize.
Opinion by " Max Lunn
What we can expect from the UK EV industry in 2023
2022 was a year like no other for the EV industry. In the first half of the year global sales grew by 62%, setting into motion the massive sea change that McKinsey had forecast the year before. Despite widespread supply chain issues, investment in hardware installation has also seen a steady growth as demand grows for sustainable transport options.
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Crowdfunding now: e-cargo bikes, and ensuring global access to digital education
Maddyness brings you MaddyCrowd: the newsworthy projects live on crowdfunding platforms.
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Crowdfunding now
Mobility E-Health 2022: Software République incubator tackling vehicle passenger health
Software République and its partners are incubating global innovators, entrepreneurs, and startups across Europe, and the World, and have recently launched a “Call for Projects” to develop health detection and diagnostic solutions for the benefit of conductors and passengers.
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Mobility E-Health 2022: Software République incubator tackling vehicle passenger health
Teaching cars to see: Meet Florian Petit, founder of Blickfeld
We spoke to Florian Petit, founder of Blickfeld, about the power of LiDAR sensor technology, his thoughts on Elon Musk, and why he loves being a founder.
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Teaching cars to see: Meet Florian Petit, founder of Blickfeld
The motorcoach makeover: Driving bus travel into the future
Buses may seem like an outdated form of travel, but they’re seeing a rebirth. The bus is still a very popular way of getting around in many geographies, especially in Europe. On an average day, more than 1.6 million people ride buses in Europe, three times that of people in the US.
Opinion by " Sean Simpson
The Motorcoach Makeover: Driving bus travel into the future
India's path to electric mobility
Maddyness is collaborating with environmental publication Ours to Save to bring readers fresh perspectives on sustainability. India is home to 22 of the world’s 30 most polluted cities. The transport sector is responsible for a significant amount of air pollution in the country - as is encapsulated in Delhi, its capital. How will the country's EV rollout work?
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Accessibility: CityMaas to reduce road hazards for disabled users
It is important that new infrastructure and technology is put in place to make the roads as safe as possible for all its users. CityMaaS, a UK startup improving accessible living for people with disabilities, has entered a new partnership that focuses on hazard reporting.
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COVID support: Mobility app helps public run errands for those in need
The global pandemic has reinvigorated a sense of community as we’ve spent more time at home than ever before. Errands, a new function on mobility app SKOOT, is helping connect people with those who are vulnerable, self-isolating or in lockdown.
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Voi partners with Onfido to check rider identities
Onfido, the global identity verification and authentication company, has announced a strategic partnership with Voi Technology, the U.K.’s number-one e-scooter operator, to support the leading European operator in verifying the identity and age of riders as Voi expands its pilot programs throughout the UK.
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Medicine and mobility: a Q&A with Dr Sai Lakshmi
Maddyness spoke to the founder of Echo Pharmacy and Caura about his crusade against parking tickets, innovating in traditional industries, and the future of getting around.
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E-scooter brands roll out trials in the UK
Europe's e-scooter providers Voi and Lime will be running exclusive trials of e-scooters in UK cities to encourage workers to go back to the office in a safer and more environmentally friendly way.
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Car subscription company Drover announces £20.5M in funding
Today Drover, the European leader in car subscriptions, announces a £20.5M investment. The investment has been co-led by new investors Target Global, RTP Global and Autotech Ventures. Additional new investors are Channel 4 Ventures and Rider Global. Existing investors Cherry Ventures, BP Ventures, Partech, Version One and Forward Partners also participated in the round. 
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