Forum QFQs
Meet Koos: the startup building the community-reward mechanism
Forum healthtech
Meet Aide Health, creating conversations with patients to help them manage their health
Forum healthtech
Meet Oxford Medical Products, creating accessible and affordable weight loss products
Forum cybersecurity
Meet Resistant AI, making digital interactions safer from attack
Forum HR
Meet Skillsize, the startup that understands why skills-based cultures are the future of work
Forum cybersecurity
Meet Ondato, the operating system solving all your KYC needs in one place
Forum other
Are you a Saint or a Sinner? Gunner Cocktails has the answer
Forum agritech
80% of harvested broccoli goes unused, meet upp, the agri-robotics startup changing the game
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Meet Vektor AI, helping mentees find great mentors to grow in their career
Forum fintech
Meet Fintech Foundation, the incubator helping Fintechs go to market more efficiently
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Meet YoungPlanet, the startup helping users to divert pre-loved items from landfill
Forum logistics
Meet bodo, the logistics platform connecting people with the brands they love
Forum climate tech
Looking for climate-driven data products for sustainable finance? Meet Connect Earth
Forum edtech
Meet Minerva, an online independent school offering a world-class private education
Forum femtech
Meet Emm, a biowearable menstrual product with personalised data
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Want to make greener investment choices? Meet Sugi