Australia bush fires crisis: where to donate?

Fires in Australia have destroyed over a million acres and killed an estimated 1 billion animals. The disastrous series of fires are having devastating consequences on both the Australian population and biodiversity, but there are ways to help. Here are a few links to donate.

NSW Rural Fire Service is the official and governmental service for rural fire and has a page for direct donations.

Red Cross Australia runs evacuation and relief centres for people seeking refuge from fire-impacted areas.

The Intrepid Foundation whose funds go to the Red Cross Bushfire Emergency Appeal.

Find a Bed connects humans and their animals displaced by the bushfires with a place to sleep. Thousands of Australian owners in affected areas are volunteering their homes and welcoming evacuees.

Adelaide Koala Rescue supports and rehabilitates this critically endangered species.

WIRES Wildlife Rescue's volunteers also work hard to save more animals and need help supporting their massive efforts.

What's a keto diet?

With the rise of keto diet apps, we thought it's time to actually define what a keto diet looks like. A ketogenic diet is a form of eating regime based on encouraging people to use high fat and low-carb foods. For most of them, these foods should be plant-based such as avocados or nuts. Similarly, proteins should fill a maximum of 20% of your diet. Keto diets are defined by this principle: the lower the carbs, the more effective the diet. Part of the new foodtech trends, in the U.K. or elsewhere many apps were created to accompany the keto foodies such as the KetoDiet App.

CES 2020: hottest gadgets of the show

Happening right now in Las Vegas, CES is the world's biggest show for  consumer technologies, here's a very small list of new tech gadgets that got our attention.

Hydraloop water recycler. Revolutionary, this water filter purifies greywater from baths, showers, and washing machines, using six maintenance-free filtration techniques. It can recycle up to 85% of the water used in the home for re-use in toilets, pools, and irrigation systems.

Lenovo innovates in the mobile workspace. Remote working being more and more common, Lenovo has presented its latest innovative concept, the ThinkSmart View at CES. The ThinkSmart View is a mobile gadget designed for workers in public areas, enables audio and video calls and has Bluetooth, ideal for headset pairing. 

iKuddle pet monitor. Pet owners who work all day and care about their pets' health will love this gadget. This year iKuddle launched a pet feeder, water fountain, litter box, and overall health ecosystem for our pets. This pet monitor collects data points to monitor your pet's habits and alerts owners of any drastic changes.

Sextech gadgets were presented, too. This year, sextech companies can showcase products that would have traditionally been turned away. Located at the health and wellness section near fitness startups, they also had their innovative devices. One of them, Suki Dunham, co-founder of OhMiBod, presented one of her sexual health pleasure devices designed for seniors.