27 April 2020

Sleeptech for kids Moshi secured £9.7M in Series B round

On a mission to help 1B children sleep better and be more relaxed, Moshi is an innovative and BAFTA-nominated tech startups. An audio sleep and mindfulness app, Moshi has received £9.7M in Series B funding led by Accel, Latitude Ventures and Triplepoint Capital, as well as former MTV CEO Bill Roedy.

Moshi is a dedicated sleep and mindfulness app for kids with a selection of melodic stories created to help kids fall asleep quickly and  calmly with playful meditation sessions to help kids relax and learn the basics of mindfulness. It also features a collection of original instrumentals, specifically composed to relax.

With the investment, the company wants to accelerate its operations and increase its business reach. It will also be used to develop new features and content with sleep experts and scientists, and to scale its user base, which is already at over 100,000 subscribers.

The company’s CEO Ian Chambers observed poor sleep to be a growing health issue affecting families, especially in tough times amid the COVID-19 lockdown, and said the app helps by “reducing bedtime stress for parents and their kids and enabling everyone to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep”.

“The reason I get up in the morning to do this, and it sounds a bit clichéd, but it’s the feedback. It’s the human stories of how we’re helping families to improve how they operate and having a positive impact on their health and wellbeing. That’s what excites us.” – Ian Chambers, CEO of Misho App

Moshi, which is suitable for children aged four-years-old and up, offers more than 45 hours of original content, with the company bringing addition content out on a weekly basis. To help youths fall asleep, there are more than 145 stories, music tracks, sounds and meditations designed for kids.