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7 May 2020

A report to help rapidly boost your online performance

Validify have compiled a comprehensive report that guides businesses and retailers on how to boost online performance and customer experience in double-quick time with the latest innovative solutions. 

There is a massive surge in e-commerce right now and shopping behaviours are being forced to shift online, it is therefore vital that retailers make a positive first impression as new and existing customers engage with brands online.

In partnership with Retail Technology, Scurri, Synerise, Comestri, Content Llama, and SQLI Digital Experience, vendor management platform provider Validify has compiled a comprehensive report giving guidance on market awareness, site performance, conversion, AR and customer service.

This resource helps businesses and retailers to rapidly enhance their online performance and customer experience within a few weeks and highlights some of the latest innovative solutions.

This report shows that the retail sector is forward-thinking, with retailers already keen to embark on a journey of digital transformation, however, over 80% of retail sales are still generated through brick-and-mortar business.

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It’s becoming increasingly clear that customers’ ability to shop in-store is going to be severely restricted for months, possibly until early 2021. During this time, the gradual shift of consumer behaviour to shopping online will accelerate exponentially. It is thus crucial that retailers recognise this and aim to become digital-first brands as fast as possible.

Business decisions that may have taken months in the past will need to be made in a matter of weeks and with limited information. But those who are willing to take the opportunity to embrace this challenge can not only navigate through this crisis but thrive once we begin returning to ‘new normality’.

Validify is a vendor management platform that gives consumer brands the tools to source, evaluate and manage the procurement of technology solutions into their business. They the cost, time, stress and risk of technology selection, so businesses can focus on growth.