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3 June 2020
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14 ways to change your commute

As lockdown eases the government is promoting a message of alternative transport and it looks certain that we will be using bikes and scooters to navigate our journeys post COVID-19. Maddyness shares its selection of transport and commute alternatives.

Lockdown has had a positive impact on the British self-isolating population. With the government asking to avoid public transport to limit the spread of coronavirus, many – apart from car drivers – chose cycling as a more secure and greener way to commute.

But most UK cities are lacking cycle lanes, a challenge that the government is strongly involved in tackling with a £2B nationwide package aiming to improve infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians, introducing emergency bike lanes and streets to support the transport network, as well as fast-tracking trials of rental e-scooters.


Beryl is a passionate team of designers, engineers, researchers and cyclists creating products that tackle the bumps in the way of urban mobility. They aim to solve real problems with simple, intelligent products, using innovative technology because they believe that getting more people cycling will improve the cities of the future by making roads safer, more efficient and our world healthier. Beryl puts riders at the heart of its product development such as testing new lights or features in its Beryl App.
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Bobbin is run by an independent family based in East London, dedicated to providing its 2 to 92-year-old customers with cycling design aesthetics, freedom and fun for everyday life. The company has been known as Britain’s best-loved leisure bike brand with over 60K riders around the world.

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Shand is a community of passionate cyclists with busy work and personal lives who commute to work during the week and ride outdoors during the weekend. Because of this, Shand has long since come to realise that only by discovering more and living more can we do better and its bikes were born in Scotland, where rugged and beautiful landscapes and varied terrains push the mind and the body of the rider into sharp focus.

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The Brompton bike was conceived as a product to help improve city living. It has established itself as the ideal choice for all those who are living or interacting with cities. The bike can be folded to a third of its size in a matter of seconds and is small enough to be taken on all forms of public transport. In fact, 42 Bromptons can fit into one car parking space and now there is an electric version!

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The Forme cycling product range is an exceptional team of Elite National Road, MTB & Cyclo Cross Champions, World Cup level Downhill MTB riders, as well as previous Specialist Bike Shop Managers, certified British Cycling Go-Ride Coaches and daily ride to workers! As a team, Forme is able to apply its collective knowledge to create the very best products we would want to ride.

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Based near Liverpool, Dolan Bikes is a British bicycle manufacturer founded by Terry Dolan, former bike racer in the 70s. The company mainly produces racing bicycles that are used by teams such as An Post-Sean Kelly. Terry’s company makes bikes of steel and aluminium frame tubes to carbon-fibre technology.

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With 135 years of expertise, Raleigh is one of the oldest and best-known bike brands in the world famed for its Burners, Choppers and Grifters. The firm focuses on high-quality bikes that can be used by every family member, with every ability of riding. From the first ride to those wanting e-bikes, Raleigh wants everyone to enjoy the fun of cycling and of course the fitness factor that comes along with it.

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ETT Industries has recently launched a brand new electric bike rental scheme for couriers. £15 per day covers use of a high-quality electric bike designed specifically for couriers. With no long contract sign-up, you pay for only what you use. Maintenance, accessories and support are all on ETT.

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Micro Scooters thinks scooting is a happier, healthier, easier and more sustainable way to travel and is the home of scooters for kids, toddler scooters, scooters for adults, electric scooters for kids and electric scooters for adults. Its range of 2 wheeled scooters for kids, 3 wheeled scooters for kids and two and three-wheeled scooters for adults have been engineered to withstand the demands of the most active children and adults.

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INOKIM UK is the exclusive distributor for INOKIM electric kick scooters and accessories, designed and invented by award-winning inventor, Riccardo Nimrod Sapir. The INOKIM line of Foldable Electric Vehicles and Electric Scooters are a step above the rest. The team is dedicated to providing riders with unique customer service and guiding them in choosing the right model fitting their needs and level.

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Created by Slamm Scooters, Frenzy is a British brand offering a premium collection of recreational scooters at affordable prices. With sizes ranging from 120mm all the way to 250mm, there’s a kick scooter suitable for everyone, perfect for the whole family looking for alternative ways to commute! Bringing new life to your daily commute, the Frenzy experience will definitely give you a push in the right direction.

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Designed for an easy, enjoyable and sustainable way to travel, ATOM Scooters are built to last, with a slick foldable design that makes life easier to get around no matter what age you are. ATOM’s range include high-quality push scooters for kids and adults with dual suspension for a better shock absorption and a comfortable ride.

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Other solutions

As you might have seen at a recent government briefing, Zipabout is another tool that is set to revolutionise how we commute, guiding passengers at every step of their commute with real-time travel data.

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Commuting differently is made possible by Gravity, whose mission is to build an inspirational technology by re-imagining the future of human flight and pioneering aeronautical innovation, which will blow your mind.

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