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16 June 2020
Unsplash © Alex Ovs

11 tech startups to watch in Brighton

Brighton, the "Silicon Valley by the Sea" is home to four times more companies than the UK average and was named the country’s startup capital in 2018 with its high concentration of creative SMEs. Looking at social intelligence, VR and creativity disruptors, Maddyness selected some of the most innovative tech startups to watch in Brighton.


Created in 2007, Brandwatch is the world’s leading social intelligence company with intelligent software solutions that meet the needs of over 1,200 forward-thinking businesses, including Unilever, Whirlpool, British Airways, Walmart and Dell. Its advanced suite of features allows the data to be chopped to provide useful insights, through graphing, categorisation, geolocation, metadata and countless other components.

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Founded in 2017 with offices in both Brighton and London, Daisie is built on the belief that pushing forward together, with a shared vision, is what sparks creativity and drives change. Daisie aims to bring creators together and support them to do innovative work and to see creators grow in confidence, take up space in their chosen fields, and build lasting careers. ‘Made with Daisie’ has become synonymous with groundbreaking and impactful creativity at all levels, in all fields, and from all kinds of creatives.

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Founded in 2014, and awarded Xero’s Practice App of the Year in 2018, Futrli aims to move the needle on the small business economy, which spans over 130M small businesses globally. Half of the businesses started today won’t make it past the five-year mark and this is what Futrli wants to change. These businesses are the lifeblood of communities, economies and so much more, as such, Futrli created its own CPD-accredited Advisory Certification course to help accountants adopt an advisory model and roll out Futrli’s systems within their firm. Over time, Advisor has become the perfect tool for accountants, with forecasting, reporting, scenario modelling, and business planning.
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Established in 2015, Curiscope is a team of dreamers, animators, game designers, artists and engineers on a mission to inspire curiosity. The company crafts mobile, AR and VR experiences that fuel imagination and make learning fun as they create stronger engagement between people and the world around them. In March 2016 Curiscope successfully funded its first product ‘Virtuali-Tee’​ on Kickstarter, a simple T-shirt combined with an app that introduced an entirely new way to learn about anatomy using AR and VR. Its second project ‘Great White Sharks’​ has become one of the most viewed 360 experiences on YouTube with about 20M views!

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Since 2011, StoryStream has been on a mission to help brands be more authentic, engaging and human. Its AI-powered platform combines content curation, rights management, tagging and distribution, enabling brands to deliver authentic and engaging content experiences across key marketing channels including web, social, email and digital signage.

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Founded in 2009, Crunch is a market-leading solution for all accounting needs, whose platform is personalised to over 10,500 active clients. Crunch provides unlimited accountancy support for sole traders, freelancers, contractors, small businesses, and of course startups across accounting, mortgages, self-assessments, business insurance, investments, pensions, and partnerships.

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Dream Harvest Games build online, narrative-driven, competitive experiences for PC and Consoles with a focus on real innovation and pushing genres in new directions. The startup is a small team building big AA quality experiences, its first title NeuroSlicers is a cyberpunk real-time strategy game that combines Solo, Co-Op and PVP gameplay into a unified narrative-driven campaign experience with you, the players, at the centre of an ever-evolving story.

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With offices in Dublin and Brighton, Learning People works with tech career experts and aims to demystify the tech sector. With ten years of industry experience, they are advocates for career-ready education and provide online courses in project management, cybersecurity, coding and IT. The experts empower learners to make informed choices about their future by giving them the information and support they need to start or advance their career in tech. Deeply rooted in the tech world, the company’s courses provide industry recognised certifications, boosting employability upon completion.

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Developed in 2015, Emteq Improve is a brain-computer interface platform for measuring, monitoring and improving mood, health and performance, using Virtual Reality. Thanks to its biofeedback-enabled VR therapy platform, Emteq specialises in immersive experiences for patients and researchers to measure and personalise both training and treatment.

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Wedding Planner helps couples plan their wedding saving them time and stress. It is a simple online service to help brides plan their perfect wedding, thanks to a series of planning tools dedicated to design and management you can easily stay on top of everything from the guest list to the budget.

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Parcelgenie is the world’s first Instant Gift Messaging Service (IGMS), a service that provides a new genre of communication – the ability to send real little gifts, with instant alerts, without the need for a delivery address. The company seeks partners to integrate Parcelgenie, add value to their services and provide an additional route to monetisation. The IGMS complement existing platforms and offers a compelling experience for consumers.

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