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29 July 2020
29 July 2020
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Coming out of COVID as your own boss

As lockdown eases and workers are being encouraged to return to their desk job, new research shows that almost 2 in 5 Brits (37%) are considering starting their own business as a result of the pandemic. Here are a few more insights.
Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Research compiled by Attic Self Storage revealed that although restrictions are being lifted, 41% of office workers expect to continue to work from home, with 44% saying the kitchen is the most productive place they have ever worked at. During lockdown, the home kitchen and dining area have become the most lucrative money-making locations in Britain, generating a combined £37.4B for the British economy.

For office workers - 67% working for SMEs and 33% for global firms - over a quarter (28%) said their leaders see no point in returning to costly office spaces and 19% are shutting down the office so that their staff can work from home.

These decisions have led to an increase in domestic entrepreneurship, with nearly 2 in 5 (37%) Brits saying they are considering working for themselves as a result of the pandemic.

Of those wanting to create their own business, 12% spoke of the desire to become their own boss. It's the case for the following people who have been working hard to build their own businesses from home during the lockdown.

To help the self-isolating population shop online to improve their homes at the best prices, Jonathan Kelly created Voucher Today. Since many people were furloughed traffic on his website increased by 45% and his revenue went up around 30%, prompting Jonathan to go full-time on the back of his pandemic success.

After realising the impact the lockdown was having on their relationship, Caroline and Jai, a London-based couple, created Box42, a date night subscription box business to help other couples in their situation and bring them closer. Their creative date night box offers a new theme every month, contains snacks and drinks from small indie-brand businesses and loads of fun activities specifically designed to help any couple connect, communicate and have fun together.

Once he became a dad, former marketing expert Simon Cornelius decided to create his own consultancy from a spare bedroom at home and tested different ways of finding work during the pandemic. As the lockdown eased, and after promoting his brand on his YouTube channel, he was awarded a creative grant and eventually began to get work coming in. July has been his busiest month so far and he plans to move his office into a purpose-built cabin in his garden.

Offering self-isolating people help to get through COVID-19, Petlo is a solution created at home by Elaine Lo and her partner, both self-development experts. The platform aims to provide people who are anxious about their health, jobs, money, and the future with hypnosis services to help them overcome their fears remotely.

Those working for themselves are expected to generate around £54B for the economy, with, on average, those doing it alone hoping to make around £4,781 a month from the comfort of their kitchen or dining tables. At a glance, here were the top 10 home hotspots for creativity and business and contributing to the economy amid lockdown:

  1. Kitchen table/dining area
  2. Sofa/living room
  3. Bedroom
  4. Home office/study
  5. Garden/garden shed
  6. Balcony
  7. Garage
  8. Children’s room
  9. Campervan
  10. Bathroom
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