3 August 2020
Unsplash © Geetanjal Khannae

Savortex unveil a smart hand sanitiser designed for the new normal

Made in Britain, this award-winning tech company has launched the first smart hand sanitiser to disrupt the hygiene sector post-COVID and make people safer as they return to work. This IoT product can deliver a precise amount of sanitiser using smart touchless technology.

In recent months, the demand for hand hygiene products has increased drastically and has rapidly exceeded global supply. As we slowly get back to normal, technology will be critical to addressing the hygiene concerns of landlords, organisations and business owners. By introducing IoT to the washroom, Savortex offers an efficient solution that maximises hygiene in any location.

“Hand sanitisers have been around for decades, but now, due to COVID-19, they are in the front line in the fight against this terrible disease. Our ‘Smart’ Hand Sanitiser provides a safe, ‘no touch’ solution that monitors usage and provides building owners with peace of mind that vital hygiene protocols are being followed.” – Syed Ahmed, Founder and CEO of SAVORTEX

The startup’s devices are connected and operate at the highest efficiency, providing real-time data to reduce hygiene risks, support building management and minimise energy usage.

“We rank the health and wellness of our customers as a key priority. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world, and personal hygiene will need to change as a consequence of new and persistent viral contagion risks. To improve the biosecurity of our clients, Gemin-i has collaborated with SAVORTEX. The British technology manufacturer has developed a technologically advanced smart sanitiser system that will encourage better hygiene behaviour within the workplace.” – Wes Paul, Chairman of the Gemin-i Group and former Global Head of Investments at JP Morgan

With the hygiene industry growing at an incredible rate, SAVORTEX will continue to scale its deployments worldwide with the help of Arm Pelion Connectivity Management. Already used by companies like GSK, Shell and Gatwick Airport, the company aims to expand its activity across the globe and to enter new markets.

It also plans to pursue new opportunities with partnerships in Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and Dubai, as well as the US, Europe and Africa.

“Health and safety is paramount with the ongoing global pandemic, so Arm partnering with SAVORTEX has been a great opportunity to transform the hygiene industry. Quick deployment is key to addressing the industry needs during this important time. Arm Pelion Connectivity Management enables SAVORTEX to streamline their deployment process and scale out worldwide, wherever hand sanitisers are needed.” – Vincent Korstanje, VP and GM, Connectivity, Arm