24 August 2020
Unsplash © Frederica Diamanta

7 tech startups to watch in and around Exeter

Nestled in the beautiful coastal region of Devon and Cornwall and on the so-called English Riviera, Exeter is a vibrant and dynamic hub for young talent thriving to make a difference and play a part in the nation's digital transformation.

With a variety of university resources and incubator programmes specifically designed to help startups, more and more entrepreneurs are launching innovative businesses in and around Exeter. Some of them – such as the renowned crowdfunding leader Crowdcube – are now set on global markets.

Maddyness has selected some of the most talented startups in tech to watch in Exeter and its surroundings.

Since 2010, Crowdcube has been a leading equity crowdfunding platform helping entrepreneurs, startups and growing businesses to connect with potential investors. Dedicated to helping UK-based entrepreneurs raise finance to start or grow their business, Crowdcube gives investors real equity in the companies they fund and uses the web-based notion of ‘crowdfunding’ where a community of like-minded people pool their money and knowledge together to back an idea, business or person.

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Founded in 2016 in Exeter and with an office in London, Pulsenotes is a smarter way to study medicine. Created by junior doctors, Pulsenotes is fresh, innovative and easy to use. Whether a medical, nursing or physician associate student, it is an online revision platform with a difference.

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Attomarker Ltd is a biotech spinout developing a platform incorporating mobile technology to offer low-cost, non-invasive, high-speed and multiplexed blood testing. In the traditional healthcare model, hospital blood testing requires a tube of blood from the arm and results are given in hours to days. Blood must be taken by a professional and the entire process requires at least two consultations.

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Founded in 2017 in Cornwall by Dr Hasan Baig, Build Solar has developed an innovative building integrated photovoltaic “Solar Squared” that provides combined benefits of electricity, thermal insulation and daylighting. Solar Squared integrates standard photovoltaic cells into a modified glass block design and transforms it into an energy harvesting construction material. The technology uses optical solar concentrator to redirect light onto smaller sized solar cells. Different designs of the product allow a variable range of electricity and daylighting.

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Founded by an experienced team of hardware, Dashboard works with programming and communications professionals who collectively see the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution as the natural point of convergence for their collective skills. Managed by CEO Piers Corfield, who has extensive experience in technology/communications startups, provides strategic advice to established oil and gas industrial monitoring and control systems providers.

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Created in 2006, Rezcomm thrives to unlock revenue potential and open up long-term relationships for venues across the globe with stunning results. Airports, Parking Operators and other venue-based organisations worldwide have placed their trust in the company’s knowledge and world-class eCommerce, CRM and Travel systems to deliver significant revenue. Rezcomm systems are agile, future-proof and achieve the highest possible accreditations.

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Since 2004, Made Open has helped organisations around the world to build bespoke community platforms and design better services. Aiming to “make society more sustainable”, the design and tech services provider was awarded Creative England Top 50 company in 2019. Made Open helps local authorities, health trusts, charities and businesses to build better communities, strengthen their networks and design better services. All of its clients are committed to improving health and wellbeing, developing communities and creating more sustainable futures.

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Created in 2012, nonprofit Treeconomics works internationally with community groups, research organisations, public bodies, municipalities and private business to complete projects which highlight the value of trees. Once a resource is valued and understood, you can start to manage it, making sure it provides benefits for future generations. With better information, people can make better and more informed decisions about their natural resources.

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