7 November 2020
Unsplash © Erhan Astam

Crowdfunding now: decluttering, coding-from-home & menstrual healthcare

Every week, Maddyness brings you MaddyCrowd, revealing our selection of projects available on crowdfunding platforms. Here's this week's selection.


The sharing economy is thriving at the moment – and is projected to grow to over $300B by 2025. A few weeks ago, we wrote about Nuw, a pioneer in rental fashion, in the #MaddyCrowd. Now, moving beyond your wardrobe and towards the rest of your house, we have WhyBuy – which offers everything from toolboxes to hoovers, printers to projectors. You can rent a tent from £8, and a fondue set from £18.

WhyBuy says it wants to do for the home what Uber did for car ownership. The question it asks is: why buy when you can rent better for less?

The company wants you to stop wasting money and accumulating clutter or cheap alternatives that are thrown out after being used a couple of times. With its 100% electric delivery fleet, it delivers top-notch items for short periods of time thus saving time, space, money and the environment. 

WhyBuy, which has been downloaded over 8,000 times since launching, is currently fundraising on Seedrs. With over a fortnight left, it is just shy of its £300K target.

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Started up by a mother and daughter duo, &SISTERS is all about period care with a conscience. It’s also crowdfunding on Seedrs, and with 35 days to go is looking for a further £50K. A first crowdfund last December raised just under £200K.

What will that be used for? Promoting women’s health and getting over the stigma that surrounds menstruation, as well as giving back to the environment and combatting period poverty with 10% of profits.

&SISTERS makes a range of period products – pH-neutral organic cotton pads and tampons, and a menstrual cup made from medical-grade silicone – and also offers a ‘period subscription box’ for ultimate convenience. This is combined with easy cycle monitoring and education on bodily changes.

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Ever thought about helping your seven-year-old learn to code? Apparently learning the much-coveted skill is pretty easy with NextMaker Box.

Global STEAM education solution Makeblock is crowdfunding on Kickstarter towards a collection of monthly build boxes and online coding courses – for kids.

Designed for seven to 12 year olds, the NextMaker Box combines real-world robotics and programming concepts with tangible, interactive technology for limitless, open-ended creativity. Your kids will be creating magical fingertip pianos, musical toy airplanes and voice activated rubbish bins in no time – at the same time as learning the basics of engineering, computer science and electronics via a series of engaging cartoons. 

With 5 days to go, the project has reached nearly £150K – beating its original target of £19K by a substantial margin.

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Article by Maddyness