11 November 2020
Unsplash © Patrick Tomasso

London’s Duffel travel software platform is expanding to New York

Duffel says it’s ‘the best API to sell flights on the internet’. It has just opened its first international office in New York to help bring this API to more travel sellers in the Americas.

It’s a difficult time for the travel industry, but Duffel has just renewed its commitment to global expansion with the opening of a US office and the recruitment of Tyler Trerotola – a former seniors strategist at Uber – as its first US employee.

Its new presence in the Americas builds on pre-existing partnerships with Air Canada, American Airlines, United Airlines and WestJet. Duffel has already accumulated several travel sellers in the Americas this year, such as Chile’s Milla Travel. It promises to connect sellers to the world’s leading airlines at a fraction of the time, cost and pain expected. 

What does Duffel do, and what does this expansion mean? Its proprietary APIs allow travel sellers to pull real-time flight offers, make bookings, reserve seats and sell paid extras like checked bags. It also enables sellers to offer exclusive content accessed through the airlines’ New Distribution Capability (NDC) programs. 

“Duffel is the fastest integration for developers to build a seamless flight booking experience with access to exclusive content. As airlines move forward with NDC, Duffel’s tools are essential in enabling sellers to access all airline content in no time and win new customers, which is even more critical while the industry is recovering from the coronavirus pandemic,” said Duffel founder and CEO Steve Domin. 

“With the launch of our New York office, and with Tyler joining the team, this is the right time to accelerate in the US.” 

“This new market presence will allow us to build on our customer base in the Americas, delivering more value for our current North American and Canadian airline partners, and bringing new benefits to a wider range of partners, customers and the industry as a whole.” 

“Duffel’s global office launch sends a positive message to the wider travel industry that has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic: we’re still very much open for business,” added Duffel’s new US employee Tyler Trerotola

“In fact, a real opportunity exists in the wake of the virus for the industry to replace its previous practices with a new way of working. A way of working that drives innovation and cost improvements for airlines, their sellers, and their sellers’ customers.

“I’m super excited to be joining Duffel at such an encouraging time for the company and I look forward to working with new airlines, agents, and travel startups across the Americas to help us recover from this crisis.”   

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