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21 November 2020
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Crowdfunding now: skincare, art and indoor farming

Every week, Maddyness brings you MaddyCrowd, revealing our selection of projects available on crowdfunding platforms. Here's this week's selection.

Based in Leeds, Vertically Urban is a horticultural lighting specialist of LED lighting solutions – for top lighting, inter lighting, and vertical farming. The industrial indoor farms, glass houses, medicinal growers and onsite Pod farms they equip in turn go on to supply supermarkets, restaurants and the health market.

Easy to install and set up, the lights are designed in line with grower partners’ needs; they’re bespoke and meet the needs of specific crops, all the way from tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber to medical cannabis.

Maddyness has written previously about why agritech is an investment you can grow; the already multibillion global vertical farming market is projected to reach £9.5B by 2026. Household supermarket names like Ocado and Marks and Spencer have invested in vertical farming.

With just under a month to go, Vertically Urban is around £50K short of its £300K target on Seedrs.

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Introducing the humble vanilla pod – the latest big thing in skincare. From Heilala, which has been producing some of the world’s finest vanilla (in beans, paste, extract, powder and syrup form) for two decades, comes a deliciously fragrant self-care line.

What started in 2002 as an aid project following Tonga’s ravaging by Cyclone Waka swiftly became the world’s most-awarded vanilla brand. To this day, humanitarianism and sustainability are prioritised with grower communities at the heart of Heilala’s philosophy.

As it moves into skincare, Heilala will be offering BIOBLUME, a facial oil that increases collagen production and cell regeneration. The oil also contains Bakuchiol (the first natural alternative to Retinol), vitamin C and rosehip oil, and is suitable for all skin types.

Heilala’s Kickstarter initially only sought to raise £3,878 but with over two weeks to go has already reached the £5K mark.

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Designed to make art more accessible, gowithYamo is apparently the most comprehensive exhibition-listing app out there. With 65k downloads and 40k Instagram followers, it’s already been Apple’s app of the day and launched its own exhibition to boot.

On the Explore page, users are greeted with an array of curated artworks associated with current and future exhibitions. They’re also able to search by artist, gallery, exhibition and even medium.

By regularly attending exhibitions, users collect Yamo points which can then be exchanged for more art – either in the form of exhibition tickets or material artwork. Small galleries benefit from increased footfall and galleries of all shapes and sizes can benefit from custom-built virtual exhibition spaces if they so wish.

gowithYamo has so far raised £100K of its £150K target with 39 days to go.

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