14 December 2020
Unsplash © Leslie Cross

What you need to know about Airbnb’s IPO

Every week, Maddyness curates articles from other outlets on a topic that is driving the headlines. This Monday, we look at how and why Airbnb has reached a $100B valuation in recent days.

Shares in Airbnb more than doubled when the company started trading on the Nasdaq stock exchange on Thursday – a price that valued the short-term rentals company at close to $100B. The share sale came as US stock markets have soared to record highs and investors have clamoured for new issues. More money has been raised from share sales so far this year than in 1999, the height of the dotcom boom. Read the full article via The Guardian

Airbnb, once a nuisance, is now an attractive investment

The loud, boisterous house parties filled with drunk guests yelling endless profanities have stopped for now. Long-term renters, a couple from San Francisco and their dogs, have moved into the ‘hotel’ next door. Over the past few years Airbnb has grown up as a company. The global short-term rental platform has more than four million hosts in more than 200 countries, offices in 24 cities, and more than 2,000 employees. Read the full article via WSJ

Airbnb’s ‘incredible’ IPO lost out on $4B

The change in fortune is a testament to Airbnb’s ability to quickly turn around its business during the pandemic, cutting costs and focusing more on long-term stays closer to home. It’s also a sign of incredible investor demand for fast-growing tech startups, as low interest rates limit interesting alternatives. But the spectacular first-day trading pop means the company could have brought in a lot more money to fund its business. Had Airbnb priced shares at $146, it could have raised an additional $4 billion — a huge sum to have left on the table. Read the full article via CNN Business

Should you jump into the Airbnb stock frenzy? Consider this first

The poster child of the gig economy is now valued at more than $100 billion. Here’s what you should ask yourself before putting your money in. Airbnb is completing its journey from scrappy start-up to corporate heavyweight with its long-anticipated debut on the Nasdaq stock exchange. Read the full article via Bloomberg

Airbnb hosts see windfall from wild IPO gains

Airbnb Inc hosts who were allowed to invest in the home-sharing firm’s $3.5B initial public offering (IPO) more than doubled their money in a few hours on Thursday, a windfall that otherwise would only have been reaped by Wall Street’s elite. Read the full article via Reuters.