22 December 2020

Our 1000th article: The Maddyness UK top 10 from 2020

It has been an unforgettable year for many reasons, with one of the more positive being the Maddyness UK launch in January 2020. For what is our 1000th article, we reflect on our top articles from the year as we prepare for an exciting 2021.


Surely the most used word of the year? Our run down of 19 businesses that adjusted their service or product offering in light of the global pandemic was an insightful look at how quickly companies can adapt in a crisis.

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The UK’s fashion industry was worth £60B in 2019. While this year hasn’t been kind to the sector, there’s still much to be excited about. We shone a spotlight on 10 fashion tech companies to watch who are utilising innovative technologies to boost their customer offering, including more sustainable shopping and unique customisation experiences.

Clothes Hangers


War Paint for Men is a men’s makeup brand that aims to break the stigma that makeup is only for women. Our insightful interview with its founder, Danny Gray, discussed building a brand, Imposter Syndrome, and scaling a business.


We sat down with Founder of turned sexpert Chloe Macintosh to discuss her new wellness app, Kama. The app brings together neuroscience, somatic awareness, psychosexuality and ancient wisdom and strives to address the sex recession and the World Association of Sexual Health’s declaration of pleasure as a human right.


Lockdown and self-isolating has left many of us with more free time than we’re used to. Our run down of brilliant books to inspire you during uncertain times featured everything from thrilling fiction to guides to digital minimalism.

6. #ITW

You don’t need a tipple to have a great time, as proven by Stryyk founder Alex Carlton. Stryyk is a non-alcoholic alternative to traditional spirits such a gin. Our fun interview with Alex explored the origins of the brand and what it takes to make a delicious non-alcoholic spirit that people want to drink.



Nico Rosberg isn’t just a former Formula One racing driver. In a myfirstminute webinar, we learnt about his deep-dive into sustainability as both an entrepreneur and investor and the steps that led to launching the GREENTECH Festival.


Would you know how to shift a business strategy to align with societal changes and external industries? We took a look at what has been coined the ‘pivot’ – what many businesses were forced to embrace this year – and how even the smallest of changes can make a huge impact.

9. #QVCS

European venture capital firm Atomico is proudly made by founders, for founders. We spoke to Ben Blume, Principal at Atomico, about building a business, the importance of pitch decks and what it takes to create a successful partnership with the company.


As a challenger to Disney, we knew our interview with Kukua would be fascinating and insightful. We spoke to its founder Lucrezia (Lulu) Bisignani about diversity on screen, its educational cartoon ‘Super Sema’, and recruiting a predominantly female team.