16 January 2021
Unsplash © Louis Paulin

Crowdfunding now: EVs, therapy and an app for landlords

Every week, Maddyness brings you MaddyCrowd, revealing our selection of projects available on crowdfunding platforms. Here's this week's selection.

If you’re looking to support a step towards a post-COVID green transition, check out Carveter. The app is currently crowdfunding on Seedrs, and with over a month to go has already whizzed past its £2M target.

Based in Winchester, UK, it claims to be tapping into a market experiencing exponential growth – no doubt in part due to the government’s ban on new petrol and diesel cars after 2030. It also has the added bonus of being 100% digital and therefore having low costs. Carveter works as a comparison service for hybrid and electric vehicles – helping customers who want to green up but aren’t sure of the pros and cons of each model. It then delivers whichever vehicle they choose straight to their door, and operates through an increasingly popular leasing model.

According to Carveter, 78% of consumers would now consider leasing to access an EV – because leasing is cheaper and means you never have to deal with depreciation or technical redundancy.


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Relationships between tenants and private landlords are strained at the best of times. Could this new app help? According to Clooper, 86% of landlords in the UK manage their tenancies themselves and often find the process time-consuming and frustrating. Likewise, many who are renting have to put up with breakages that never seem to get fixed – and conditions in real need of improvement. 

Clooper is a platform that connects landlords, tenants, trade services and homeowners, aiming for healthier relationships and faster transactions between each party. It’s working towards raising £400K on Crowdcube, citing a £200K lead investment pledged from a leading landlord and developer and a potential market of £11B ripe for tapping into as reasons to invest. 

The cash raised will go be channelled into recruitment, and improving Clooper’s mobile apps, marketing, sales and operations.


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Studies highlighting the link between COVID-19 and mental health problems are proliferating – and this is in a country that’s struggled to provide adequate mental health support for a while now. It’s estimated that a quarter of the global population are living with some kind of mental health difficulty. The pandemic bite has only worsened this curve. Healingclouds is just shy of its £100K target on Crowdcube, and is ‘one of the UK’s best online platforms for mental wellbeing’. 

The service works with over 150 certified therapists, offering online therapy, courses and guided meditation via a monthly subscription model. It saw a big uptick in use recently (with a rise of 850% in sessions and 380% in clients from February to October 2020), and is therefore seeking more cash to meet more demand and accelerate growth.

Healingclouds was named ‘Best Mental Healthcare Platform 2020′ by SME News, and previously overfunded on Crowdcube in June 2018. 


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