23 January 2021
Unsplash © Diana Polekhina

Crowdfunding now: flexible work, medical info and tidy subscriptions

Every week, Maddyness brings you MaddyCrowd, revealing our selection of projects available on crowdfunding platforms. Here's this week's selection.

In an interview with Maddyness back in November, Juggle Jobs Founder Romanie Thomas said: “Flexibility, and embracing a lot of the automation that’s coming through technology in a positive way, means that people can have a bit more fluidity about how they work.”

“Less face-to-face time, less pressure to be in the office and perform, much more focus on collaboration and outcomes. Kids can see their parents more, and companies are not under that huge amount of pressure to pay out as well, which alleviates the government a little.”

That gives you a pretty good summary of what Juggle – a recruitment site working towards making flexibility the future of work – does. Clearly, Romanie is on the right track: only 7% want to return to the office full time and over 75% of parents want flexible working to be normalised. If you’re in agreement, you’re in luck, because Juggle has announced it will be crowdfunding on Crowdcube in February.

At the moment, Juggle is in the pre-registration phase, meaning you can make a pledge to invest and register to hear more. Give it a follow on LinkedIn to gain access to an upcoming private campaign, where followers can hear Juggle’s pitch, watch its video, and access its investment deck and supporting documents.

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Already part of the way through its Crowdcube campaign is Doctorpedia, one of the world’s largest networks of medical information. It has overfunded a £250K target and is inching towards the £280K mark with a couple of weeks to go.

Doctorpedia hosts nearly 2,000 medical websites, doctor-led videos, content and product reviews, as well as referral links to 50,000 health products. Its aim? To change how people discover health resources, thus combatting misinformation and increasing accessibility in a world that sees 1B health questions searched per day on Google.

The company has already raised £2.5M and, going forward, plans to monetise via doctor subscriptions, sponsorships, cost-per-click and affiliate marketing.


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Fighting what it labels ‘subscription fatigue’, Together Price is a digital identity network where users can manage group subscription plans. It works with one million subscribers, across 90 service platforms, and has acquired users across key markets United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, and Italy.

It’s also seeking contributions via Crowdcube, and successfully overfunded its €200K equity crowdfunding target within just 48 hours; around 70% of backers so far are not formal investors.

According to one of Together Price’s sibling founders Marco Taddei,

“We wanted to involve both our investor networks as well as our growing customer base for this fundraise and have been overwhelmed by the influx of support. Raising an additional €110,000 reinforces the confidence that our users have in our offering and plans for the future”.

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