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29 January 2021
29 January 2021
Temps de lecture : 3 minutes
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Innovative mobile channels reinvent customer and business interactions

A customer wants to talk with brands like they do with their peers. The stakes of getting this wrong are high for companies, as it becomes trickier to retain increasingly demanding users.
Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

A new realm of possibilities have opened up for businesses thanks to the innovative features offered by new A2P mobile messaging channels. The new technology is helping businesses to deploy omni-channel strategies that place an emphasis on conversational interaction with a user. With this in mind, smsmode©, a new pioneering mobile messaging routing platform, has published a comprehensive overview of the functionality and potential of new mobile channels.

Interactive multimedia content

New mobile messaging channels such as WhatsApp Business and RCS can significantly enrich the quality of content shared within customer and business interactions. Now, brands can send and receive large files, images, videos, audio files, PDFs, or localisation files and integrate interactive buttons.

Fabien Andraud, sales director, smsmode©, said: “Using a single app, a business can now send an agreement directly to a customer to be signed in PDF format, in addition to completing flight boarding information and sending the traveller their boarding pass directly.

“With these innovative features, brands have all the cards in their hands to offer contextualised, personalised experiences with increased potential. The user experience has been transformed.”

Download the Whitepaper here

A conversational customer experience

The user experience is amplified with the ability to initiate these conversations with businesses in real time by using smart messaging tools. With these new channels, smsmode©, allow brands to move from a notification strategy to a conversation with their customers in just seconds.

Equipped with a component for authenticating company profiles, these new secure and reliable messaging services provide protection against spam messages and phishing SMS. Company profiles are certified and authenticated, with such profiles being easily identifiable with their digital verified badge. This helps the customer to see the full company profile and feel confident they are speaking to the verified business.

With fierce competition in the business world, utilising such tools can make companies stand out from the crowd. Creating a simple, streamlined process for clients to access customer services will increase satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat business.

About smsmode©

Created in 2004, smsmode© is one of the main French mobile messaging routing platforms (SMS, TTS, RCS, WhatsApp). Historically based in Marseille, the company is also established in Paris and Barcelona (Spain). smsmode© is a member of FrenchTech, of the MMAF (Marketing Mobile Association France) and of the GSMA (international association of operators and manufacturers of mobile telephony). The company has more than 10,000 clients, including Doctolib, Google, Keolis, Airbnb, TheFork and Century 21.

Download the Whitepaper here
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