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13 February 2021
Unsplash © Drew Farwell

Finally, a middle-screen webcam and somewhere to organise events that isn’t Facebook

Every week, Maddyness brings you MaddyCrowd, revealing our selection of projects available on crowdfunding platforms. Here's this week's selection.

UK fintech Longevity Card has launched on Seedrs; it’s aiming to raise £415K in convertible investment and has just surpassed 60%. Its funding to date has come from Deep Knowledge Ventures.

The company’s target audience are those striving to live longer, healthier and wealthier lives – and who will as a result be helped along by receiving rewards for making healthy choices. With Longevity Card, customers get a current account and debit Mastercard – and benefit from discounted health, fitness, wellness, life and health insurance products in the Longevity Marketplace. Via wearables, the bank can also track customers’ lifestyle choices and reward them with further offers and cashback.

Why crowdfunding? Sergey Balasanyan, cofounder of Longevity Card, explains:

“We wanted to open up investment opportunities to our community first, so they would have priority access to invest along with VC funds that directly approach us, giving everyone a fair and equal chance to become a part of the Longevity Card journey.”

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You haven’t got long left at all to support Center Cam; its campaign ends on Monday, having overfunded a £6.5K goal and reached nearly £30K.

Center Cam sells itself to be honest – given the COVID-19 constant Zoom situation. It’s a middle-screen webcam, which solves this eloquently phrased problem:

‘Where do I focus? At the webcam on the edge of my screen? Or at the people/notes on the screen, which makes me look like I’m looking down to anyone in the meeting? But most importantly, when you look AWAY from the people in your meeting, you can’t see the other 90% of human communication which comes from  the NON-verbal!’

‘Center Cam allows you to look at the people you’re talking to and have them FEEL like you’re looking at them- BECAUSE YOU ARE!’

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Another product that we’ve all been waiting for! Find yourself tied to Facebook just because you don’t want to get left off the house party list? Check out Howbout, which has already amassed £370K+ of investment from 533 investors over on Crowdcube.

Almost inexplicably, the millennial-focused social calendar and planning app has grown by over 500% since last July. With around 600+ events being organised per day, and backing by Claire Valoti, VP of International Business at Snap Inc., Howbout is surely destined for greatness once in-person socialising is officially a thing again.

This video explains the concept well:

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