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2 March 2021
Unsplash © Kazuo Ota

How to build a marketplace startup that scales

Marketplace rules have changed dramatically, and they’ll continue to change quickly. Make no mistake, running a business that monetises someone else’s output will always be a slippery slope.

Chicken and Egg Part 1

Chicken and Egg Part 2

So how do you build a robust, quality offering of user-generated product?

The Empty Stadium

First, hire All-Stars

What you should learn

A successful marketplace doesn’t offer shit product cheap. A successful marketplace offers the same experience as its incumbents in an efficient or novel way. The customers win. The providers win. The marketplace wins.

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Joe Procopio is a multi-exit, multi-failure entrepreneur. In 2015, he sold Automated Insights to Vista Equity Partners. In 2013, he sold ExitEvent to Capitol Broadcasting. Before that, he built Intrepid Media, the first social network for writers. You can read more and sign up for his newsletter at