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9 March 2021
9 March 2021
Temps de lecture : 7 minutes
7 min

Startup coaching: How startups get suckered

A legitimate business coach can be a windfall, a bad one can wreck your company. I’ve never been a fan of coaching in the business sense, but I understand it.
Temps de lecture : 7 minutes
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What exactly is startup coaching?

Coaching vs. advising

Coaching vs. mentoring

Skills vs. strategic vs. motivational coaching

There are no secrets to unlock

There are no guarantees

Coaching doesn’t directly produce an increase in results

You should know what “coaching” means

Why is your coach a coach?

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Joe Procopio is a multi-exit, multi-failure entrepreneur. In 2015, he sold Automated Insights to Vista Equity Partners. In 2013, he sold ExitEvent to Capitol Broadcasting. Before that, he built Intrepid Media, the first social network for writers. You can read more and sign up for his newsletter at