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30 March 2021
Proptech firm Offr to reduce property transaction times with new DocuSign and Twilio partnerships
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Proptech firm Offr enters new partnerships with DocuSign and Twilio

The house buying and selling process can be long, complicated and arduous. With much of the legalities still relying on physical paperwork, Barclays-backed Offr aims to digitise the entire process.

With the new partnerships, Offr users will be able to buy and sell property utilising the speed and efficiencies that Twilio and DocuSign provide. Users can now engage with their transactions on the go and exchange contracts in a matter of seconds. 

Proptech firm Offr launched earlier this year in the UK and is a platform that enables estate agent websites to become fully transactional by placing the Offr ‘button’ on each property listing. Earlier this year, the startup raised €3M in a round led by Barclays. 

DocuSign eSignature can cut the time it takes for documents to be signed and completed from weeks to minutes by making the whole process digital. Programmable Messaging from Twilio, the cloud communications platform, enables the parties involved in a property transaction to stay up to date. Agents can be kept updated on all transaction updates via WhatsApp so that an applicant registration, new offers or other key events are easy to monitor.

Niall Dawson, cofounder of Offr, said: “Offr is building a slicker, more transparent approach to buying and selling property. Our integrations with Twilio and DocuSign helps us to make the buying and selling process more painless than ever for our customers, allowing them to stay connected to the other parties in their transactions and exchange or amend documents instantly. 

“As Offr prepares for expansions and growth in 2021, we’re confident that with these integrations, we’re making the property market more accessible than ever.”

Offr launched in the UK and Ireland last year and looks to expand to Australia and the US. More than 5,000 new user accounts have been created since March 2020. Offr also conducted the world’s first entirely digital property transaction at the start of the pandemic.