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21 April 2021
21 April 2021
Temps de lecture : 2 minutes
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TechTree partners with Tech Nation Upscale to shine a spotlight on developers

TechTree is a mentoring and community building platform for developers designed to break bias in tech. The company has collaborated with Silicon Roundabout to create conservation series Show The Code, which provides developers with a platform to discuss the projects they are working on.
Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

The latest edition of Show The Code was created in collaboration with Tech Nation Upscale, Tech Nation’s programme that is helping the UK’s most promising tech companies to accelerate their growth and successfully scale.

Introducing the event, TechTree’s founder and CEO Pawel Tomczuk said: “The goal for the event is to put engineers who are building tech companies into the spotlight. We constantly talk about the tech community, companies and the sector, but we rarely give the stage to the tech people who are building these businesses.”

The edition featured talks with developers from Riverlane, Red Sift, Unmind, accuRx, and Superscript.

  • Marco Ghibaudi, VP of engineering at Riverlane, hosted a presentation about working toward a quantum revolution and why the business is excited about quantum computing
  • Deepak Prabhakara, CTO at Red Sift, discussed rebuilding full-text search for a serverless architecture and how his company approaches such architecture
  • Tom Loake, full stack engineer at Unmind, explored analytics platform architecture on AWS, his learnings from the process and an overview of the tech his team has chosen 
  • Laurence Bargery, CTO and cofounder of accuRx, explained how his team built a COVID-19 vaccine appointment solution in just four weeks
  • Craig Morris, head of engineering at Superscript, discussed event sourcing: what it is and why you might want to use it for your next project

The next Show The Code event is on Thursday 29th April in partnership with Kindred Capital and 4 of their portfolio companies - PaddleGravity SketchFive AI and Animal Dynamics. Sign up now for your chance to speak directly with the developers solving their biggest engineering challenges!

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