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26 May 2021
Hip-Hop platform Rap Fame hits 10 million downloads
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Hip-Hop platform Rap Fame hits 10 million downloads

Rap Fame by Rap Tech Studios, the global community of hip-hop fans, today announced the app has surpassed 10 million downloads. The continued growth has led to Rap Fame securing the #1 rap app on Google Play and Apple Stores’ ‘App of the Day’ in 163 countries in the past year.

Rap Fame’s tournaments have drawn in high profile brands as partners including O2 Telefonica, Huawei, Audiomack, and Signature Tracks.

An advanced mobile recording studio, Rap Fame allows users to create music, collaborate and unleash their talents. Entirely dedicated to hip-hop, Rap Fame is accessible to complete beginners and those with dreams of making a career from their music. With over 1,000 free and legally verified, custom-made beats, Rap Fame has seen continued success since its creation in 2018.

Co-founded by a brother and sister team with a shared love of hip-hop, its social network is at the heart of Rap Fame’s success. Users have come together to share personal experiences, celebrate and commiserate through the power of music. Its complementary ‘Behind the Lyrics’ Rap Fame TV series has seen users share these stories with the community.

With more than 6 million tracks uploaded between 2019 and 2020, Rap Fame’s user base can receive almost instant feedback, improve their skills and tracks with AI-driven mixing tools, and build ‘crews’. Users have the freedom to collaborate with rappers in the same language while also identifying talent to ‘headhunt’ crew members no matter where they are in the world.

Alena Golden, co-founder and CEO at Rap Tech Studios said: “Music has always been a source of escapism and storytelling, an outlet and way to be heard. Our aim with Rap Fame has been to create a space where people can focus their energies and produce something positive. Rap Fame has brought people together, allowing them to collaborate and share common experiences.

“Since its creation, Rap Fame has seen users produce tracks celebrating such things as the birth of a child from parents who met on the app, dealing with the loss of family members, and receiving the all-clear following a fight against cancer. The platform has also seen high levels of activity in terms of tracks uploaded at times of major events for the community, such as those relating to police brutality in the US and tributes following the death of American rapper DMX. The growth of our user base and the sharing of these stories showcases the importance of music in bringing people together. This milestone is a huge achievement for Rap Fame, but we’re not stopping. The app will continue to grow, sharing stories and music of people around the world.”

In May and June 2021 Rap Fame will be a featured app on Google Play across the US, Canada and Mexico, Europe, and India.

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