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21 June 2021
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Unsplash © Timo Wielink

Revolut credits 186% user growth to localisation

Global fintechs are constantly seeking ways to appeal to new markets. Fintech giant, Revolut’s commitment to cross-border accessibility has allowed it to grow by 186%.

The app, which is now used in 31 countries for more than 100 million transactions a month, credits its growth since launching in 2015 to localisation. Access to new markets is unlocked through localising the app, making it available to locals in their native language.

To ensure efficient localisation, Revolut uses the translation and localisation management software Lokalise in tandem with their translation agency, RWS. The rapid language rollout is a prerequisite for growth.

The partnership has allowed the app to grow from the efforts of a twenty-person team to a global fintech giant. From its European origins, Revolut has gone on to tackle global markets, most recently those of the United States and Japan.

Operations manager at Revolut, Theo Williams, said: “Though we’ve been using Lokalise for quite a long time, what’s changed is the size of our team, and how we interact with it. The flexibility of the tool enables us to leverage any relationships with everyone in the localisation pipeline and has made it possible to increase the speed of rollout to new markets.”

The process of localisation fosters inclusiveness within banking technology and promotes accessibility across nationalities and generations that might not be comfortable with an English language interface.

The drive for localisation complements Revolut’s cross-border mentality to democratise cross-border payments and currency exchange.

By making the app available to new markets in their own language, Revolut is committed to providing an accessible experience for its 15 million users worldwide.