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13 September 2021
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Companies need digital solutions to survive but grapple with new security challenges

The pandemic has accelerated the need for companies to adopt digital solutions. Recent research from OnePoll and 3stepIT found that 70% of businesses across the UK and Europe have now adopted digital transformation strategies.

Surveying 1000 IT representatives distributed across the UK, France, Germany, Sweden and Finland, the report also found that nearly three quarters of respondents said technology was crucial to keep their businesses afloat during the pandemic. 

The drive to adopt and upgrade to more efficient digital solutions is needed as home or hybrid work models will remain for the foreseeable future across many businesses. Companies were also concerned about maintaining consistency across the company and protecting themselves from future crises. 

CEO of 3stepIT, Carmen Ene, said the fallout from the pandemic had created one of the most challenging business environments companies had ever seen.

The research also revealed that more than half of the IT departments in consideration were given larger budgets and more staff to adopt new technologies to facilitate an easy transition into working from home. The number of staff in IT departments increased as employee requests for efficient tech surged. 

New tech challenges

A greater dependence on tech has also created new challenges related to electronic waste and security concerns. Over a third of companies insisted they faced greater security threats with added devices, while a majority also admitted they were concerned about how to dispose of unnecessary and unwanted items. 

“Organisations are being asked to deliver huge digital transformation projects, improve security measures and deliver more business value with every investment, all while operating sustainably,” Ene added.