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22 November 2021
UK public choose small brands over global to show support for environment
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UK public choose small brands over global to show support for environment

New research by iStock has found that supporting the environment and supporting the local economy are linked for many UK consumers who are choosing to shop smarter than ever before.

The findings are reported within research for iStock’s creative insights platform Visual GPS, completed in conjunction with global market research firm MarketCast. 

Almost a quarter of British consumers (23%) have shopped with smaller, local companies and brands over global ones as a way to show support and commitment to protecting the planet and creating a sustainable environment.

The research also found that one in 10 consumers  say they shop with smaller businesses because they are more likely to engage in sustainable manufacturing processes ; 14% say they choose companies and brands based on their support of protecting the environment and use of sustainable practices ; and 71% believe businesses and corporations share some responsibility for the environment and sustainability.   

The research also reveals that on average, more than half of British consumers (55%) say they only buy from brands that make an effort to be eco-friendly. This number rises significantly to 70% for the Generation Z age group, and 68% for Millennials, whilst it reduces to 42% for Boomers, demonstrating that younger consumers in the UK put an increased emphasis on living and shopping sustainably.  

Dr Rebecca Swift, global head of creative insights at iStock, said: “What we know coming out of COP26 is that sustainability is not just an enterprise business issue – our research shows the UK public expect to see businesses of all sizes taking responsibility.

“Our Visual GPS research also shows that among the actions people are taking to reduce their own carbon footprint, doing business with their local small businesses is one area they believe they can make a positive impact – this represents an opportunity for small businesses in the UK to show their customer how they are committed to sustainability and how they can support their customer be more sustainable via their products and services.”