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19 January 2022
UK Tech funding Landscape by Tracxn
Unsplash © David Dibert

UK Tech funding landscape by Tracxn

As we enter into the new year 2022, let's take a look at how the startup UK ecosystem fared in the year 2021.

In this article thanks to ParlayMe and their data analytics partner Tracxn you will find information that paints a vivid picture of the rapidly evolving UK business ecosystem around us.

2021 UK Tech Ecosystem at a glance

Before jumping into the details, let’s look at a summary of events that transpired in the startup world in 2021 – right from new companies getting incorporated to funding related activities, to more companies joining the unicorn and soonicorn club.

The figures below give an overall picture of how startups fared in 2021.

UK Tech funding Landscape by Tracxn
UK Tech funding Landscape by Tracxn

Funding data

The year has seen a ~2x growth from a ~USD 16 Bn in 2020 to ~USD 32 Bn in 2021 in terms of the total funding raised by the startups.
The graphs below provide current as well as historic data on the funding raised and number of funding rounds segregated by stages in the last 10 years.

Top funding rounds 

Below are the biggest funding rounds of the year. Information includes the amount raised by the company in that round, the stage of funding, and the main investors who participated. Kindly note that the funding amount only includes equity rounds and doesn’t consider debt funding.

UK Tech funding Landscape by Tracxn

Top investors

It’s usually the case that a few investors are always more active than the rest of the group in the market. Let’s find out who made the highest number of investments in 2021, some of the stages that they participated in, and their most notable investments.
UK Tech funding Landscape by Tracxn
UK Tech funding Landscape by Tracxn

For more deep dives and info about the UK tech ecosystem contact Tracxn.

This article was originally published on ParlayMe