21 April 2022
Unsplash © michelle

Crowdfunding now: food waste reduction, climate activist social media, and an AI-powered parenting app

Every fortnight, Maddyness brings you MaddyCrowd, revealing our selection of projects available on crowdfunding platforms. Here's this week's selection, taken from Seedrs.

Kitche wants to reduce food waste

First up is Kitche, the home food waste prevention app. The kitche motto is simple: buy what you eat, and eat what you buy! The app has a range of features that seek to improve consumer behaviour in a bid to reduce food waste, including receipt scanning, a food waste tracker, and smart recipe searches. 

Preventing unnecessary food waste is an increasingly important strategy to combat environmental deterioration, and to counter the consequences of rising inflation and a cost of living crisis.

Kitche run a B2B2C business model, partnering with supermarkets and local authorities, and helping partners to achieve their food waste reduction pledges. 

Kitche are a percentage point off their £250K target, with 6 days left to invest. 

The Climate App, making climate action social!

The Climate App is hoping to ride on the coattails of Duolingo, Strava, and Instagram to make climate action easy, fun, and social through a gamified awards-based app experience. The Climate App wants to be at the centre of the climate movement and leverage positive peer-pressure. 

The green economy is predicted to value £44.28B by 2030 and, with a core volunteer team made up of members from NASA, Facebook, and Whatsapp, The Climate App is set to capitalise on the industry’s expansion. 

Originally focusing on B2B monetisation, The Climate App will eventually focus on B2C as their predominant subscription model.

With 14 days left to invest, The Climate App have attained 90% of their £100K target. 

Onoco, the AI-powered parenting app

Onoco describes itself as a “super-app”, so named because it merges the most common baby app categories into one single, AI-powered baby app. Instead of a previously fragmented experience, baby trackers, family planning, and child development are all accessible in one unified app. 

Utilising data science, Onoco also partners parents with relevant specialists, such as sleep consultants, speech therapists, and healthcare professionals.

Modern families need modern technology to manage all facets of their life. With venture capital backing from the investors of Treeapp, and an experienced leadership team, Onoco is well positioned to disrupt the parenting and baby industry. 

With 28 days left to invest, Onoco have raised 70% of their £250K target.