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19 May 2022
Premiership Rugby Club to save £250K through clean energy generating roof panels

Premiership Rugby Club to save £250K through clean energy generating roof panels

Northampton Saints Rugby Club are bringing sustainability to the Premiership through a partnership with Solivus. The club will turn unused roof space into a solar energy asset by laying Solivus' thin-film solar panels onto the Church's and Barwell stands.

A commitment by a business to decarbonisation is easy, devising a workable solution that will decarbonise that business is not. Transportation, energy consumption, investments, which do you choose, and how do you go green?

Solivus wants to help companies with their green energy transition with their innovative thin-film solar products. And they have been on an exciting journey since Maddyness profiled their founder, Jo Parker-Swift, in March 2022

Solivus can install their thin-film solar products onto the most awkward of commercial buildings, previously unsuited to the bulky solar panels of the past

Today it can be announced that Northampton Saints Rugby Club have partnered with Solivus to turn the club’s previously unusable roof-space into a solar energy asset. 

The move is a sensible environmental and economic decision, saving the Premiership rugby club £250K over the next 20 years. 

This ground-breaking solar project sees Cinch Stadium at Franklin’s Gardens, home of Northampton Saints, become one of the first stadiums in the country to implement this new type of solar technology, with 600 ultra-thin-layer solar panels installed on the stadium’s Church’s and Barwell Stands.

Julia Chapman, Finance & Operations Director at Northampton Saints, who is making sustainability a strategic priority at the club, said “There are 1000s of buildings with roof space like ours that you can’t use for any other purpose. This gives us commercial benefit, as well as reducing our carbon footprint so it’s worth considering.

Commenting on the potential of thin-film solar solutions, CEO of Solivus, Jo Parker-Swift, added:

“The rising cost of energy and the question of energy security due to the invasion of Ukraine is making businesses consider alternative sources of energy, including self-generated solar energy. A stumbling block for solar uptake has been providing panelling that is light enough and effective enough to take advantage of unusable rooftop space. Our innovative ‘skin like’ thin-film solar solutions fit most roofs, thus eliminating this barrier to adoption. Rolling out this type of solar technology across the UK would make a huge leap towards the decarbonisation of the UK’s energy.”

Premiership Rugby Club to save £250K through clean energy generating roof panels