1 June 2022
Crowdfunding now: children's savings, an amazement park, and fresh pancakes!
Unsplash © Andre Taissin

Crowdfunding now: children’s savings, an amazement park, and fresh pancakes!

Every week, Maddyness brings you MaddyCrowd, revealing our selection of projects available on crowdfunding platforms. Here's this week's selection.

Beanstalk: investing in your children’s future

Beanstalk is a fintech company reinventing how families save and invest in their children’s future. And with skyrocketing inflation, long-term investment is one way to maintain and improve the value of your children’s savings. 

Beanstalk puts ease at the heart of its operations, taking the pressure off of already stretched families. Through Beanstalk, you can open an account for each child, invite family members to link in, and utilise a range of savings tools to build future financial security and opportunity. 

Over the past 12 months, Beanstalk has grown their managed assets by 350% and have attained over 12K registered users.

They’re looking to raise £650K in this funding round, which is open for another three weeks. Find out more about Beanstalk here

Wake the Tiger: closes today!

You’ve heard of an amusement park, but have you heard of an ‘amazement park’? Led by the fantastic team behind Boomtown Festival, Wake the Tiger is creating Europe’s first Amazement Park, in the heart of Bristol, scheduled to open this summer. 

With Bristol’s visitor economy valued at £1.4B in 2020, and the British tourism market set to be worth £257B by 2025, Wake the Tiger could be one of the jewels in Britain’s growing tourism industry. 

Marketed as an alternative to a traditional art gallery, the Amazement Park is an interactive art experience featuring multi-layered immersion, secret passageways, and hidden forests. 

Having hit their £800K target, Wake the Tiger is currently in overfunding – and today (1st June) is your final chance to invest!

Where The Pancakes Are: a sweet pick!

This is a slight step away from our usual offering of fintechs and sustainable brands, but Where The Pancakes Are has launched a crowdfund to become the UK’s most loved pancake brand!

With two central London locations serving 10K+ monthly pancake-diners, the crowdfund will be used to expand across new locations to take advantage of the UK’s eating-out market that is expected to value £28.6B by 2027. 

The pancakes themselves are top rated, winning a position in Conde Nast’s top brunch spots of 2022, alongside reviews in The Guardian, The Evening Standard, and Ocado Magazine. 

Where The Pancakes Are have raised 75% of their £550K target with 16 days left to invest. Read more here.