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10 June 2022

Frontier Deep Tech Conference 2022 to showcase ‘last frontier of commercial technologies’

Frontier Deep Tech 2022 is the first deeptech-focused summit in the UK. It combines the power of a large-scale in-person gathering with the power of an online platform that will help deeptech entrepreneurs, investors and corporate leaders connect. It will also cater for the policy makers, PhDs and academics to meet and shape the dialogue with the most disruptive industry innovators.

What speakers are you particularly excited about? 

We’re excited about all the speakers! We are privileged to have representatives from deeptech industry titans, like Nvidia and Google and founders of high-growth UK and European startups such Paragraph, Classiq and Senseon. We will also have representatives from different governments such as the minister for technology and the digital economy from the UK. We are expecting over 100 speakers and contributors.

I’m particularly happy, as a woman myself, that we can bring to the audience a diverse speaker lineup and we continue to work really hard to show that deeptech is not at all an exclusive game for white middle-aged men-in-a-suit, but a field full energetic leaders of all genders, ages and colours.

Who should attend the event? 

Everyone with an interest in deeptech! Attendees could be startups looking to meet investors and corporate partners to VCs and industry grown-ups looking to engage with startup founders, PhDs and policy makers.

What does the startup competition entail?

Our goal is to help startups that have raised less than £5M in funding, gain a competitive advantage, and reach the next level through connections, new business opportunities, and access to capital, for free.

Frontier’s Startup Competition is designed to help the most promising deeptech startups that have yet to raise significant capital or develop strong annual revenue. You can apply following this link.

Why did you decide to create the event? 

I felt there was a need for a specific event to cater for deeptech. General tech summits are great for the energy and sector-based industry events like the ones in semiconductor, AI or cybersecurity are useful to meet peers. However, we felt that deeptech also needed a fresh, Europe-wide conference that could mix business learning, networking and fun, and that focused across all emerging technologies based on scientific breakthroughs, from energy to robotics and from advanced AI to semiconductors, synthetic biology and space tech.

After the pandemic, I felt that we needed to celebrate all this with an in-person gathering that can represent this nascent European world with so much potential to offer for our lives and future.

How important is deeptech in 2022 and beyond, and why?

How did we all get vaccinated against COVID-19? BioNTech, Vaccitech and Moderna. Two of these companies are European biotechnology companies who were only a startup a few years ago. Who has just hit the news proving a new type of green energy (nuclear fusion) is possible? A UK scaleup company. How are we going to hit the next frontier of AI development? Most likely with new types of semiconductor technologies. And how about quantum computing, novel big data processing algorithms, and space exploration and exploitation? The future is coming and it is being developed by deeptech researchers and entrepreneurs.

How can people sign up to attend? 

On It will be in London and the location will be announced soon.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

There are still some openings for commercial partners to get involved and there is a form on the website for companies to apply for this. Also we are working with Universities to offer free tickets to PhDs and researchers looking to attend, so if there is anyone in your readership who would be interested in discussing this, we would love to hear from them.

Dr Cristina Esteban is founder of Frontier DeepTech Conferences.