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22 July 2022
Hub Fintech Europe: A new fintech workspace in the heart of La Défense

Hub Fintech Europe: A new fintech workspace in the heart of La Défense

With the aim of creating a unique space for the development and scale-up of fintech startups, Paris&Co, a key entrepreneurial player with its own business incubator "Le Swave", is opening Hub Fintech Europe at the top of the Grande Arche de la Défense in Paris.

How can we introduce this new workspace dedicated to the advancement of startups and scale-ups without mentioning its important location?! A symbolic choice, the top of the Grande Arche de la Défense will now host a 2800m2 space dedicated to the best Fintech, Insurtech and Regtech companies.

Philippe Bourquin, Director of Hub Fintech Europe and Swave explains that “Paris&Co has taken this historic site, vacant since the inauguration of the G7 in 1989 by François Mitterrand, and turned it into a forward-thinking workspace.

From now on, budding Fintech, Insurtech and Regtech stars will have access to a highly-specialised network, as well as top-quality events on their favourite subjects: neo-finance, AI, blockchain, green finance etc. Our partners, consisting of institutions and already successful startups, will of course be present to offer our startups their wisdom and expertise during public or member-only private events.”

Key partners include the French government, the Île-de-France region, Société Générale, the City of Paris, the Greater Paris region, France Fintech, Paris La Défense, Europlace, and BPI, as well as a number of mature and inspiring scale-ups whose names will be announced in the coming weeks.

With sustainability at the forefront, the premises were designed and renovated over 24 months using low carbon and/or recycled materials. The welcoming space filled with 248 workstations includes all the expected luxuries of a modern office (secure fibre, smartphone-controlled offices, tea and games room, videoconference room, changing rooms with showers etc.).

“When we launched Swave at the Grande Arche, some of the startups were reluctant to come to La Défense. We were able to win them over by showing them why it was in their best interest, and now today Swave is at full capacity. The reason is simple: at La Défense you are in the very heart of the world’s fourth largest business district and yet it’s still easily accessible by transport,” reminds the Director of the Fintech Hub. “If you have any doubts about La Défense, come visit the Hub and settle yourself in.”

While some startups have already begun to set up shop, most companies won’t be moving into the space until the start of the school year in September. To apply and reserve one of the remaining slots, please visit the Fintech Hub Europe website.

Maddyness, media partner of Paris&Co.