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9 August 2022
9 August 2022
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Capita invests in WithYouWithMe to help military veterans fill the digital skills gap

Capita has invested in WithYouWithMe, a workforce technology platform that finds employment for military veterans and other overlooked groups through aptitude testing and digital skills training.
Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Together, they have launched 15,000 Futures, an initiative to support former members of the UK armed forces and their partners to find employment in the technology and digital sectors after leaving the military. 

The 15,000 Futures campaign – which reflects the number of UK military and their partners who return to civilian life each year – works with major UK employers to encourage them to commit to fulfilling 5% of available digital roles with retrained veterans. 

The initiative builds on the work of WithYouWithMe, which was founded in Australia in 2015 by three university friends, two of whom served in the military. 

The firm partners with government agencies and businesses to address the digital skills shortage while making a positive social impact. To date, it has helped 20,000 people gain employment, including refugees, neurodivergent individuals and military veterans.

Through its Potential Platform, WithYouWithMe provides aptitude and psychometric testing to match candidates to a range of digital roles. The company then provides free training pathways to give candidates the optimum chance of success when placed with large employers. 

WithYouWithMe’s team of UK advisers include former NATO deputy supreme allied commander for Europe, Sir James Everard, and Lieutenant General Sir Nicholas Pope, the British Army’s former chief of staff. 

Capita has taken an equity stake of WithYouWithMe through Capita Scaling Partner, its startup development arm. Capita Scaling Partner’s unique model involves providing business development services through the placement of two to three full-time employees in a business – in this case, WithYouWithMe – in exchange for equity.

Jon Lewis, CEO at Capita, said: “Competition for talent – in particular digital talent – is a strategically important issue for Capita and our public and private sector clients.

“WithYouWithMe is helping to solve this issue by fostering new pools of talent from diverse and underemployed communities, particularly military veterans, and in doing so creating significant social value. This fits perfectly with our ethos at Capita.

“We are proud to be a founding member of the 15,000 Futures campaign and look forward to working with other leading businesses to make it a success.”

Tom Moore, founder and CEO of WithYouWithMe and himself a military veteran, added: “We know there is a huge demand for digital skills, which are lying dormant in underrepresented areas of society, who may not get meaningful employment based on their CV alone.

“Through our partnership with Capita and the 15,000 Futures campaign, we will help exceptional people access the labour market and enable employers to build a workforce that meets their current and future needs.”

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