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5 October 2022
Gitex Global 2022

GITEX GLOBAL 2022 takes over Dubai with record capacity

GITEX GLOBAL returns, featuring 5,000 companies. This year it presents seven multi-tech themes including experimenting in the metaverse, a decentralised future of the internet, and a sustainable global digital economy.

GITEX GLOBAL 2022, the world’s largest tech and startup show, will take place from 10-14 October. The scale of the event is impressive: this year’s edition will host more than 4,500 companies and 100,000-plus attendees from 170 countries, spanning 26 halls and two million sq. ft., matching the scale of 33 football fields.

Claiming to be ‘the world’s largest, most inclusive tech and startup event’, the strong growth of the annual five-day event is matched by market demand across all industry sectors, with 1,400 new exhibitors among the global line-up of companies and startups showcasing novel applications in the metaverse, AI, Web 3.0, blockchain, 6G, cloud computing, fintech, and big data.

With the participation of more than 250 government entities, leading strategic digital projects and public-private partnerships, and 800-plus startups seeking their next big break in North Star Dubai, the GITEX 3.0 edition will unite the world’s most influential ecosystems advancing business, economy, society and culture.

“As the curious audience attempts to make sense of the real versus virtual world we are creating, GITEX GLOBAL takes the helm in partnering with global tech leaders to empower, enlighten and enthuse everyone on the metamorphosis of the digital economy,” said Trixie LohMirmand, Executive Vice President of Events Management at Dubai World Trade Centre, GITEX GLOBAL’s organiser.

One of the more noteworthy iniatives at this year’s edition is Global DevSlam. Committed to creating a thriving home in the UAE for international coders and developers and advancing the digital economy, Global DevSlam is a prominent Middle East coder and developer meetup, connecting 10,000 coders alongside developers from the world’s biggest tech companies, including Anaconda, AWS,Google, Instagram, Microsoft, Oracle, and Red Hat.

The fully subscribed event is supported by Coders (HQ) and inspired by the UAE’s mission of building the world’s best coder and developer ecosystem, with the country now offering its long-term residency Golden Visa to 100,000 qualified coders from around the world.

Another pioneering element of the conference comes in the form of X-VERSE, who in partnership with Decentraland, curate one of the World’s most immersive metaverse journeys, providing a novel experience into the greatest shifts and the most potentially disruptive industry applications of the metaverse.

With real-world case-studies and virtual experiences across manufacturing, gaming, education, healthcare, retail, and the future of work, X-VERSE will enable global enterprises to understand and adopt this nascent technological development.

Finally, North Star Dubai is another thing to keep a look out for. Launched as GITEX Future Stars in 2016, the newly renamed North Star Dubai in 2022 underlines the ongoing evolution of the global startup ecosystem, and the important role startups play in advancing innovation and international business collaboration. Aiming to transcend geographic boundaries, North Star Dubai also introduces ‘Africa Fast 100’, the largest ever gathering of African startups to be hosted outside Africa, connecting investors with Unicorn prospects from the world’s fast-rising tech incubator.

For more information on the event, visit the GITEX website here.