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18 January 2023

Discover 10 Future Unicorns launched in 2022

Launch Mappers' annual report is back with a new selection of 10 European startups in hypergrowth demonstrating their potential in reaching the unicorn valuation.

Each year, we thoroughly investigate the state of the startup world in Europe (including the UK & Israel). As a result, we handpick 10 newly-founded companies and their new go-to-market strategies. 

We’ve put together a comparison between our different editions to illustrate the startup’s world development. 

Discover the report’s third edition in partnership with Maddyness. This report is released in collaboration with Maddyness France with the French version for the first time.

Download 10 Future Unicorns Launched in 2022 Report

How did we create this report?

To establish our new ranking of 10 Future Unicorns launched in 2022, we looked at over 200 companies. The initial selection was conducted based on the following standard indicators: 

  • Financial: revenue estimates, fundraising rounds and investors
  • Strategic: scalability of the business model, the state of the market and the founders’ experiences.

For this edition, we’ve also trialled the solutions when possible. We’ve booked demos and signed up for the companies’ BETA/early access. Thus, we were able to gather more information on the state of their product development, and analyse their processes.

What will you uncover from this report? 

2022 was a peculiar year which brought different challenges for startups. One of the crucial ones, for example, is around funding. Investors’ mindsets shifted, leading to a significant decrease in funding.

A CB Insights Study recorded global funding at $74.5B in Q3 2022. It is less than half of what was recorded for Q3 2021, estimated at $158.2B

Yet, startups are resilient and continue looking for innovative ways to adapt and grow. It’s what our latest report highlights, such as: 

  • How the Berlin-based startup CURE is leveraging its tech-focused strengths to help unsupported pharmacies by developing a genuine partnership
  • How the Israeli startup TRES is positioning itself as a key player by developing the first financial solution for the Web3 economy
  • How London-based startup proves that building something entirely new isn’t necessary in some use cases. Instead, they’re leveraging what their targeted audience uses and building on their stack.

For each company featured, we’ve summarised their strengths in three key takeaways. These learnings and explanations are broken down in different categories: mission, founders’ backgrounds, the product and how it works, competitors, funding and their growth.

Flip through it all digitally in our latest report, The 10 Future Unicorns Launched In 2022.

David Odier is the founder of Launch Mappers and Nour Hassaïne is Junior Growth Marketer at Launch Mappers