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10 May 2023
elearning embraces AI with (imc) Express localisation

elearning embraces AI with imc Express localisation

Whilst AI content creation is grabbing the attention of everyone, everywhere, even kindly putting the metaverse on the back burner, a welcome break for us all, established corporations are treading carefully. We all know that deep within their archaic buildings there is a team not dissimilar from the IT Crowd playing, tinkering and experimenting with AI, but to unleash it publicly will be, for the most part, considered a risk.

As with all revolutions, however, there are whispers in the wind, a change in the tides, as the partners in which these corporates have placed their trust over the years are also working with AI language models. 

What better way to test the water without quite as much risk, work with a company that is doing amazing things with AI, whilst quietly having a layer of protection? A digital buffer if you will. It’s more than that though, once a corporate IT lead/decision-maker can prove the value of AI through this partner company, the floodgates could open and the entire incumbent can become that little bit more modern along the way. 

In the world of e-learning, imc Learning has launched the latest version of its cloud-based solution, imc Express. This new release adds AI power for those of us having to localise presentations in multiple languages and territories.

The intuitive software enables users to create e-learning courses and digital training quickly and effectively, making use of AI to deliver maximum productivity with instant, automatic templating and content layouts.

Most platforms for localising content like this require the company or entity to use their templates, not ideal when you have a brand to maintain and have spent thousands on layouts, templates and design languages, only to get shoved into an MS font this, Adobe that, or Canva, Canva something. 

Imc Express allows companies to import their own templates in English for example, select the language they are required to present to, teach in, etc, and let the AI take the run. All in-house, all for a small flat fee. No need for hugely expensive projects or retainers with translation teams, designers normalising the look etc. Users can get up and running within ten minutes, and have results in less than thirty…. In some 50+ languages. At the time of writing, we are yet to try it, but who knows, maybe you will see a Maddyness Deutsch or Maddymoney Zimbabwe soon. 

UGC that wasn’t made for TikTok

Startups, scaleups and well-established firms are more than the product they make, they have cultures and they have knowledge, sometimes your own IP really is the strength you hold, so allowing your people to put that knowledge down as a learnable commodity is something that could really take off. Consider it internal UGC, turning that know-how into effective learning tools for the next generation of colleagues.