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19 August 2023
Entrepreneurs Guide - How to start a business from home

Entrepreneurs Guide – How to start a business from home

Nowadays, becoming an entrepreneur is a little too easy than it was before the rise of the digital world and cloud capabilities. The availability of options rippled through the technological advancements have opened doors of possibilities for the enthusiast, who are now changing their perspective and looking for ways to own a business rather than rely on employment.

The change people had experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted their outlook on career choices. During 1981, homeworking was a relatively rare idea and practice which only 1.5% of the employment was reported to be part of, whereas the number tripled by 2019 to 4.7%. So, what factors contributed to this shift and how an individual pursues on the path to become a work at home entrepreneur, here’s a blog to find out.

Workplace Safety Culture in Industries in the UK 

Industries in the UK are following proper workforce safety precautions and regulations. They are educating their employees about safety hazards and giving them proper training. The workers in the UK are much more aware and conscious about their safety and health due to which companies have to stay a step ahead in fulfilling their requirements and making sure their organisation is safe to work at. In addition, companies should have effective safety plans and counselling sessions for their workers to counter and prevent the most common workplace injuries.

Industries like oil and gas have been at the forefront of ensuring employees’ health despite low oil prices and using cost-cutting techniques. Over the last 5 years, the companies have set an international example and a benchmark for their incredible practices.

Regardless of the size and workload, companies are making sure that they are updated with the safety regulations. So, what’s making employees shift to work-from-home career options? Well, in the time of this advanced digital age, everybody knows there are two ways to earn – labour-intensive jobs and smart jobs and apparently the earnings through digital means are far higher than the traditional career options. 

Moreover, it’s not only about switching to digital jobs, the safety and satisfaction you get owning your business supersedes all the fear and insecurities you get when being employed.

Work-at-home entrepreneurship

The pandemic has shown us a gradual shift from hybrid work culture to work-from-home practices. There was a spike recorded between January/February 2020 to April 2020 of 5.7%. 

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As people began to discover the perks of working from home their preferences changed. In the UK, 50 of the biggest employers claimed to have no plans to return to hybrid practices. Moreover, over 55% have shown an inclination towards making work-from-home their permanent practice. These were the years where we have witnessed an increased ratio of new business applications and formations. If you have some plans better jump on them, its high time to start your own business.

Some profitable business ideas for home-based ventures

Always remember instead of aiming for money, aim for the people. Your goal should be to provide a solution that can bring ease to the life of the people around you. The moment you start thinking about your consumers instead of daydreaming about piling up stacks of bucks, things will start to change. 

Take time out to know yourself first, discover your interest, identify your passion and set your mind to stay consistent, persistent, passionate and truly devoted to your aim. It’s not easy to stay focused when working from home but that’s the hardest thing you have to overcome first. 

In case you are puzzled about which industry to go with or what, to begin with, here we have a list of profitable and incredible business ideas in the UK. 

  • YouTuber/Vlogger 

If you are not a camera-shy person, becoming a YouTuber or a Vlogger comes down to some of the most profitable business options. You can shortlist the industries you want to target and create interactive, informative, and entertaining videos, reels, and short clips. In the UK, an average earning of a YouTuber is around £31,595 per year.

  • Selling products online 

You may find several Chinese stores where you can get any electronic item, hosiery, household supplies, or even apparel in high quality but at the cheapest price.

What you can do is to order high-quality unique items in bulk and sell them at good prices. For this, you can utilise your Facebook store or social profiles. And this is how the store – Artemis Design Co. got started. 

  • Sell homemade green products 

In the UK, the eco-friendly market has witnessed a 24% increase from 2019 to 2020 and the size is predicted to grow even larger. People prefer to have green products that are environmentally-friendly and made with completely organic elements/ingredients. You can untap the market as it has great potential. Even starting a blog site would help generate revenues. 

  • Offer Digital Services 

Digital services like social media marketing, content, web and app development, and ecommerce services have incredibly good conversions. A simple landing page service provider expects  5.31% or higher rates of conversion. Plus, it’s an easy to start, simple to manage business model. 

Setting up a home office: Essential tools and equipment

When planning to start your business from home you need to practically convert a portion or area of your home into a proper work space. You can’t be an entrepreneur while sitting on your couch, and adjusting your laptop on your lap. 

Define a space, get yourself a work desk, setup all your hardware including headphones, a camera, a high-quality mouse, keywords, and speakers. Make sure your device can handle all the advanced tools and software needed for your work. Above all, the place you are choosing should be close to nature, and peaceful. 

Creating a business plan for long-term success

Your aim can fall flat or you can be lost in the wild tides of competition if you don’t have a SMART plan to follow. Create a long term plan but set up short milestones to keep yourself motivated. 

Building an online presence: Website, social media, and branding

No matter which industry you belong to, you need to build your social presence. Get a website, run social media campaigns and work on creating an appealing brand for your business. In 2023, there are an estimated 4.89 billion people on social media platforms. Moreover, around 70% of the traffic is directed through Google, and without a website you can’t be seen on a search engine. 

Marketing and promoting your home-based business

Never be shy to promote your home-based business instead you can educate others about ways to adopt the practice. You can create more interactive reels and bring your consumers by showcasing your day-to-day achievements and techniques. 

Managing finances and budgeting for business growth

Go by the books, if you don’t know how to manage the finances, it’s best to tug somebody in and get an expert’s advice, opinion and management. No need to be the jack of all trades especially when it’s about finance and budgeting. 

Balancing work and personal life: Maintaining productivity and well-being

If work becomes a part of your home, there is a huge need to create harmony between your personal life and your career goals, otherwise, everything can fall apart. You need to set boundaries, define clear hours to work, and separate work-related tasks from your personal activities. Manage your time, allocate resources to handle different tasks, implement stress management strategies, and stay flexible. Don’t be too hard on yourself or with your goals. 


Oprah Winfrey once said, “Every time you state what you want or believe, you’re the first to hear it. It’s a message to both you and others about what you think is possible. Don’t put a ceiling on yourself.” 

Explore your inner voice and follow your instincts. No fear can bring you down if you set your mind to something.